Hi! I’m Linda and I am super excited you’re here!
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As within, so without

The solution to every problem already exists and is always within us. Your outside world is always a perfect reflection from your inside world and an amazing opportunity to realize yourself.

Many people still think they are affected by their circumstances but it is the other way around. Your perception is what forms your reality. This perception is always masked by beliefs and social conditions we learned and picked up in our life so far by parents, society, school, friends and so on. But we are able to release everything that is not ours and live a life that is beyond exciting and satisfying because it truly relates to our desires and personality.

Living our personality, free of shame or guilt; unapologetically and freely leads to our life purpose or maybe even IS our life purpose.

I believe that you are already the best version of yourself and that you know exactly what is the best for you; what you want, need, etc….. But this perfect (imperfect) being and knowing is buried and masked under layers of things you think you should or should not believe, think, do, bla…

My job is to create a safe, non – judgemental space to help you reconnect with this knowing, being, beauty, joy, talents and everything that is truly there and wants to be expressed and lived by you.
I am your cheerleader and I give you full permission to be yourself until you do the same for yourself. It is a process, a path I’ve walked and still walk and it is my motherfucking holy duty to hold your hand as long as you need support on yours.
I help you to identify everything false, accept it, move through it and replace it with what is your very own truth. I am here to support you, inspire you and raise your awareness to your divine awesomeness..

My Story

I am a transformational coach through and through. I live it through my own experience and I am passionate about teaching the principles I learned throughout my life.

I have been working in healthcare since I was 18 years old. Through this work, I have encountered many of my clients on a very pure and raw level.

I have coached, helped and listened to thousands of people in all these years in the practice. I’ve helped friends and family and even strangers I’ve met on trains or airports or elsewhere throughout my travels.

It has always come naturally to me I never even considered it a gift.

My desire and passion for transformation emerged after I hit rock bottom in my mid-twenties. I found myself in a long time destructive relationship and a job where I was bullied ruthlessly by my own boss.

I felt so much stress when I went to work and as soon as this struggle ended in the evening I had to go home – wishing I could go anywhere else.

I finally ended this cycle of my life because I couldn’t stand the pain any longer. I stood in front of my messed up life and had no idea how I allowed it to get to this point or how I could go on from here. I deeply questioned my existence.

And for the first time I dared to ask myself:

Who am I?

And what am I here for?

From todays perspective, that’s where my healing began. It was the lowest point of my life.

Full of fear, regret, anger and suppressed personality. I had to learn myself all over again. I started to experiment with new foods, hobbies and everything slightly interesting that crossed my path. I was free! I read tons of books, went to seminars, took courses and even studied animal acupuncture next to my (new) job.

The most exciting journey of my life began: The journey to myself. I made tons of mistakes, I failed many times and wasted money and energy at things that eventually weren’t for me. But that’s how I gained my wisdom and learned to love, live, wonder again.

I have always been a very sensitive person – what was considered a weakness when I was younger. Walking this path of personal development helped me to accept it as my biggest gift and strengthen, deeply connect and trust my intuition. I am able to stand in the storm and hold faith for myself and and others massively. And I know that that’s what I am here for.

I love everything about self-love, pleasure, happiness and an enjoyable life. Personal peace and happiness are big topics for me; I became an expert in recognizing and dissolving old patterns and beliefs to create a better version of self through my own life and practice.

I am a very woo person. I know that our universe is a place full of wonder and mystery but at the same time, I love science. I actually believe that we are in a place where spirituality and science will be joined together.

I studied both and recognized many similarities – like quantum physics actually explain manifestation/law of attraction and the power of our mind.
I love all health topics, which is not really suprising as I spend half of my life working in healthcare.

But additional I graduated in animal acupuncture, studied energy healing, psychosomatics and animal communication.

When you work with me, you will probably notice that I am influenced by that knowledge. These things are my passions and I love to explore them deeper and deeper. I love how our brains work and I love to turn around anyones perception on things because that’s where it becomes magical and eye opening.

I know for sure that as soon as we accept and learn to fully express ourselves changes on a deep and lasting level will take place.

When you don’t have to prove anything to anyone anymore you are able to enjoy yourself and your life massively.

I came a long way from being bullied at work – even from my own boss, having boring, draining relationships and a half-assed miserable life to live my true passions every day and wake up with a smile on my face.

It’s not always sugar and rainbows so I create and hold massive space for you to explore yourself and open up, feel what is there and finally recognize what was always true:


It’s time to not give a fuck any longer and deep dive into your life. You only have one!

Love & Blessings, Linda

Are you ready to live with Soul?