About fears – and how to let go of them.


What is it that you fear most right this second?

Maybe it’s that you can not pay the bills or that you will stay forever alone?

But do you know what the weird thing is with these fears?

They are not fucking real.

Take a step back and pretend for one second that your fears do not exist. When you do that all you’re left with is pure life.

You are on this planet anyway.

You get up out of your bed anyway.

And you can not exit anyway.

And you will die one day – anyway.

You don’t know when it will happen.

You just know it WILL happen.

So how do you want to spend your time here on earth?

Everyday thinking and worrying about the worst?

Things that probably won’t even occur?

Things that won’t hurt you or anybody else?

Your own mind, your own worries, doubts, and fears occupy so much space in your head that there is almost no space left for love, wonder, and miracles.

But this is what you want, isn’t it?

So you have to make space for it.

Space in your own mind.

Worries and fears are not mandatory.

You choose them.

You choose to believe in what your mind is presenting to you.

And when it tells you: you can’t pay the bills at the end of this month and why did you spend so much and your business is not running because you don’t show up enough, you don’t push enough and maybe you just ARE not enough and that guy won’t call you ever again AND BLA BLA BLA.

You choose to believe this shit.

But you can choose NOT to believe it.

You can choose your own reality.

No matter which thought your mind is presenting to you-you can always choose new.

You can ask yourself: is that entirely true?

It probably isn’t – or how many times did you think you can’t pay the bills and as they were due you somehow managed to pay them anyway?

You have so much power.

Choose to replace doubt, fear and worry with trust, love, and support.It is your choice!

Yesterday I published an amazing blog about how to access your subconscious mind.

You should really read it and use the tool I am showing you to make the change from fear to love.

From resentment to freedom.

From doubt to trust.

From fear to bravery.

Read it here:




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A bit of my story.

I grew up as a divorce child (my father disappered over night when i was 4 years old) in an environment dominated by scarcity and lack.

My perspectives were, let’s say: tight.

I went through addiction, being bullied from my co workers and even my own boss, a physical and emotional abusive relationship, lonlieness in a strange country as an immigrant and many more huge or small everyday problems until i started to look inside and change my life by changing my mind and my perspective.

I encountered old beliefs, all sorts of uncomfortable feelings and memories, uncovered my destructive patterns and changed them – motivated only by a vision that i had for myself.

Sick of just living in the shadows; being broke, lonely and sad i was dreaming of a life full of connection and meaning.

By opening up for my hearts true desires and following it’s hints – first cautios and hesitant, which then quite fast flipped into adventurous curiosity – i allowed myself TO MAKE MY DESIRES MY REALITY.

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>> release everything that doesn’t serve you anymore and make space for your desires to come to life

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>> learn how to honour your soul

>> develop deep and lasting self love

>> experience more inner peace, serenity, freedom and happiness

And much more!

You will also learn how to integrate this new way of being into your life without being scared about loosing family or friends, rejection and other possible weird situations.

I am there for you through the whole process.

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