Have you hit a point in your life where your status quo doesn’t make sense anymore?


Maybe you are in that career that is starting to feel icky. Draining. Wrong.
You can not ignore that little voice anymore asking:

  • Is this all?
  • Is this what I really wanted in my life?
  • Is it even be possible to do/live/be what I really want?

You can sense that there is so much more for you out there but you don’t know where to start.


Maybe your relationships suddenly don’t fit any longer. You’re sitting there with your friends and feel like your time is wasted.

  • Who are they?
  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?

You want to break out and create your own thing but you are so afraid of what people will think about you or if you will lose friends and family when you suddenly start to change.


Maybe you were single for too long – but you long for romance in your life.

Or you’re coming out of a relationship and you want to reconnect with your true nature.


It can be scary to embark on a new path – no matter which direction it goes. Your soul starts to call and you don’t know where to start or how to listen.


Throughout our lives we pick up many beliefs that limit us. Tons of perceptions that are not ours.

We often believe that we are not good enough for true love, abundance, joy, and pleasure. That it is not possible or is childish to follow our dreams or that others could think we’re crazy to do so.

When we initiate change our friends and family can limit us. They don’t understand us, want to keep us safe or we don’t want to open up to them because we fear judgment and misunderstanding.


Transformation is a sensitive process. When you are in change, you need loving, non-judgemental support.

You need someone you can open up to, someone who honors you no matter what, someone who listens carefully to you, who is there for you and who holds space for your change.

When you work with me, I am all that for you and more.


  • I help you figure out what you really want and how to get there.
  • I show you how to move through fear, anger, pain and peel off the layers of conformity.
  • I support you meanwhile you evolve into your very own and true beautiful self.
  • I stand for you meanwhile you discover all the treasures that were hidden within you.
  • I inspire you on your new path.
  • I check in with you and keep you accountable
  • I stand in the storm with you, cheer you up and remind you how great you are.

If you want to:



>> Be crystal clear about your desires and needs.

>> Learn how to listen to and trust your intuiton.

>> Follow your very own path and to give a lot less fucks about what other people think about you.

>> Set boundaries and meet your own expectations instead of the ones of everybody else.

>> Experience personal freedom.

>> Worship yourself and do/be/have more what is really good for you.

>> Integrate more of what makes you feel good into your everyday life.

>> Be certain about what your unique gifts are and how to use them.

>> Design a deeply satisfying lifestyle.

In our Coaching Sessions I will…



…help you point out what feels really good to you and intuitively guide you towards what you really want.

You will experience more alignment, relaxation, and happiness.

I help you to let go of old patterns, limiting beliefs and destructive behaviors and instead integrate more pleasure, play and wellbeing into your life.

I create a warm, safe, non–judgemental space for you to open up and review your inner world fearlessly. That’s where the magic happens!

We will focus on what you really want and what is important for you to achieve your goals.

I help you through any major life change. I help you to reframe any established life model that doesn’t serve you any longer into a nourishing, joyful way of life that perfectly fits your needs.


Are you ready to invest in yourself and accelerate your growth one thousand percent ?

Then book your free discovery call with me to get more information on how to work with me.

Or how about immediate massive growth…


… with your 1 Hour Breakthrough Intensive Session?

A kickass reboot if you just need a fast uplifting pit stop. You get a one-hour session of pure focus on your breakthrough, PLUS a 20 minute follow up session to imprint, fix and celebrate your breakthrough.

This session has no space for half-ass commitment.

We dive right in and will be thorough about what you need and what is blocking you.

It can be a bumpy ride – but you will come out of it on top!

I will hold massive loving space for you and your desired outcome.

Save your spot as they always fill up fast!

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