I didn’t know what “moving through the fear” REALLY meant

even if i did it many times before, but until yesterday it was more a concept than a real experience for me.

I mean, i was afraid as i reduced my pensum at work to part time without another source of income 6 years ago – meanwhile at the same time my ex-boyfriend moved out of our apartment.
Suddenly i had MORE expenses and LESS income.
I was super scared, i saw myself starve to death…but of course that didn’t happen.
I was afraid as i 2 years later left my cosy and well furnitured comfort zone because i was longing for an intimate relationship.
A healthy one.
A grown up one.
I encountered many of my rejected and buried emotions and even if it was an amazing time with all the dating and new experiences, streching my comfort zone on this level left me scared breathless several times.
YES, i was hurt again and NO it didn’t kill me.
I eventually found my now – husband.
What a reward!

Then my soul craved another experience in this life.


I wanted to help women with what i learned over the years.

And another 2 years later i almost fainted when i pressed “publish” on my first blog.
The post didn’t get that much attention though so i could have spared me the mindfuck i did around it…
Two years of blogging, trying and one “failed” business later i finally stepped into what is fully 1000% me:

Being the Intuitive Transformational Life Coach Linda Martinez.


That’s what i was placed here to do.

That’s why i had to go through so much misery.
But that’s the point where the journey ACTUALLY begins.
Now, i have to grow this business.
Now, i have to make decisions.
Now, i have to walk my talk.
And so i was led to a program that deeply resonated with me.
I don’t sign up lightly in general.
But this time i felt it’s made for me.
BUT The investment made my BLOOD FREEZE.
Especially because right that day i literally spended my last 5 bucks, my credit cards are maxed out, no funds available – rather people waiting for their money and me ashamed AF that i can not hold my promise to them.
I invested sooo much already.
Blood, sweat and tears.
My mind went RIOT.
Screaming at me how i could even consider to make that move.
Showing me every HORROR SCENARIO it could come up with.
It was hurting.
I was crying.
And deep down i KNEW that i have to move through this.
I never experienced resistance SO STRONG.
But i was awake enough to observe what was happening, even if it felt SO real.
Eventually i signed up.
I decided that i am worth.
I decided to trust.
And right after i decided there was only silence in my mind.
The raging dog just disappeared.
And i sat there in absolut serene peace.
Do i know how this will go for me?
Do i know if my mind was right with it’s horrible prohecys?
Could be.
But i choose to trust.
I choose to be safe.
And i choose to take myself and my mission so serious that i do EVERYTHING that i feel to be necessary – even if it costs me one full day of suffering and craziness.
I do WHATEVER to bring my message out there and to help those who are waiting to be supported on their journey.
I rarely felt so comitted in my life. So if there is one thing i can tell you by heart: no matter what you crave and no matter how your mind is trying to pull you away from it –

Don’t listen to the fear.


Beyond all this craziness and horror and what if’s lingers a silence, a deeper truth of who you are and what is possible for you.

THAT is where you want to go.
You can connect with it at any time and no matter how much noise there is – internally or externally.
It’s infinite
It’s deep
It’s all – knowing
It’s true peace
It’s where love is born
And it’s stronger than any fear could ever be.
I really wish that your wildest dreams come true and that you will be the creator of what you truly desire.

It’s the best gift you can give yourself: to be fully alive and in your creative power.


If you want to find out more about how you can move through your fears, old beliefs, patterns and BS – i have free spots for 1 : 1 coaching.

It’s the most intimate and powerful way to work with me and be sure that everything you don’t truly embody; everything that IS NOT YOU and doesn’t serve you anymore will melt away and leaves you shining in brightest lights.
There is nothing to loose.
Only to gain.
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I love you 

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