You’ve probably experienced having to make a big decision and just knowing what the right thing to do is, even if it doesn’t make sense to anyone else.  


Or the opposite: you have to make a decision and have no idea what’s right for you. You can’t or don’t want to rely on facts alone. Out of the jungle of your thoughts, you can barely filter out something useful.

So you’re left with the question – what do you do?

You wish you could rely more on your intuition – but you don’t know how to differentiate it from all the other thoughts and influences around you.

In this article, I’ll tell you six ways to strengthen your intuition and connect better with your inner voice.

And I’ll show you a straightforward and effective way, how you can clearly perceive your intuition and know it’s ‘her’ talking.

Our intuition is a very reliable compass in life – if we are in good contact with it and trust that it will always correctly lead us.


What is intuition?


It’s not fully explored yet, but it’s mostly associated with our “belly brain.”

The abdominal brain is our autonomic nervous system, located in our internal organs.

Previously it was assumed that it only serves to control internal processes (digestion, etc.).

However, our “belly brain” can do much more: It also perceives external influences and can cause corresponding physical reactions.

Through the spinal cord, it is directly connected to our central nervous system, the brain.

The abdominal brain, or vegetative nervous system, is assigned the unconscious (subconscious) processes – meanwhile, the consciousness is assigned to the brain.

Your intuition is the bridge between your subconscious mind and your day consciousness.

It brings this into your consciousness, what you unconsciously already know.

Incidentally, following your intuition does not always mean wandering on the sunny side of life.

It will show you what is best for you at this moment.

It can also mean ending a friendship, telling other people what they do not want to hear, or admitting or doing something that does not just evoke pleasant feelings in you.

However, you will be entirely at peace with these decisions because they are always perfectly aligned with WHO YOU ARE. They correspond to you; they reflect your true self.

On the other hand, if you are willing to put up with these unpleasant truths from time to time, you will start to experience amazing “coincidences” and synchronicities in your life. You will naturally experience great vibes because that is an inevitable consequence of living your true self. And often it will be even much, much better than you thought it could be.


Alright! Are you ready to learn more about how to build up your relationship with your intuition? Then read on.


There are different ways to strengthen your intuition and to better connect with it.

Just try out what suits you best. Allow yourself to play. If something does not feel right to you, try something else. Do not force yourself to stare for hours at a mountain lake or tree just because SOMEBODY ELSE told you to, if that makes you totally nervous – it would be counterproductive in the sense of what you want to connect better WITH YOURSELF.


# 1 Be alone with yourself

Take time to disconnect from the environment, everyday tasks and the craziness that happens around you. You can connect with yourself and your intuition best when you take your time to be alone and cut the noise that is continually pushing into your awareness through social media, family, friends, business and so on.

For some, it could mean to spend some hours walking alone through the forest and letting their thoughts flow.

But you can also spend 15 minutes in the bathtub. Lock the door, make yourself comfortable, leave your phone outside and just be with you. Or make space in the morning to drink your coffee in silence and alone.

Give yourself room to just be there – without external influences. Watch and let your thoughts drift. This trains your awareness and you get to know yourself and your world of thought better. Plus you will feel refreshed and ready for your day if you allow yourself (and your brain) to disconnect and rest.


# 2 Do something unintentional

I’m assuming that you have a busy life. Working, going to Yoga classes or the gym, grocery shopping, paying bills, cooking, cleaning to name a few of the things you probably put into your day.

To connect better with your intuition, it can be helpful to sit down and paint a picture. Or fold origami. Sort stones. Play marbles. Play at all. Simply subtract the focus entirely from the day’s events and do something that is not directly intentional or serves any purpose.

It does not depend on the result, but only on the action.

Often the best inspirations and immediate solutions to problems come when we do something entirely different and do not even think about it. Suddenly, something super genius pops out of our subconscious. Oh yes ma’am, that’s intuition speaking.

P.S .: By the way, watching television, scrolling through the internet and playing on mobile phones do not count as something unintentional – they fill up your mind with more clutter.


# 3 mindfulness

B*tch, please. Already heard a thousand times, and now she also comes with this buzzword. Boooring!

I often thought that myself when the word appeared somewhere, but mindfulness simply describes how to bring your mind (your focus) into the here and now.

Have you ever noticed how often you DO something but at the same time ARE completely elsewhere in your thoughts?

Did you realize that this makes the present moment kind of not existent? You do all kinds of things during the day, but in the evening you just feel empty and have no idea WHAT you actually did.

Mindfulness means nothing more than to lovingly collect your thoughts and to focus on what you are doing in the present moment.

This will increase your awareness immensely, which is good for your connection with your intuition because you can receive your intuitions impulses much easier. They literally don’t have to break through a thick wall of noise and thoughts in your head.

Do not put yourself under pressure to ALWAYS stay in the moment.

Our mind is like a child and runs cheerfully after each butterfly that randomly passes by. That is normal. Be nice to you, be nice to your mind. If you recognize that your mind went off – smile, take it gently by the hand and bring it back to you and this moment. It will happen again, I promise. Be compassionate with yourself.


# 4 journaling

My favorite topic.

Nothing has such a positive influence on my intuition (and much more than that!) as journaling.

But what does journaling mean? I translate it with conscious or intentional writing.

There are many different ways to do that, and I would say no one is better or worse than the other.

When I started journaling, I just wrote down how I feel. It was at one of the toughest times in my life if you follow me a while you probably already read about how I hit rock bottom in my life. I needed something to cope with my whole existence. Journaling saved my life. Literally. I wrote down daily what happened and what it caused in me. I reflected on my past. I would let my emotions and thoughts which felt like they were stuck inside of me since many years bubble up and write them down. And for the first time in my life, I reflected on my future. I wrote down what I really want, need, wish, and I wrote out tons of questions that I had to life/god/the universe.

When you start writing intentionally, you will suddenly feel relieved. It’s like you can begin to breathe. You will be able to handle your feelings better. You become clear on what you really want and need from life. And that clarity is the first step to implementation. It’s your Intuition guiding you the way through writing

You need a pen and paper or a notebook. There is NOTHING that you could do wrong. Just write. Write daily. 5 minutes is enough. It will soon be more, for sure.


# 5 Listen to your body

If you want to connect better with your intuition, you can not get past your body.

Learn to listen to her signals. Unfortunately, it has become normal nowadays to simply throw in some pills to kill a headache or back pain, to ignore hunger or to work our ass off despite the flu.

Respect your body! Love her, take good care of her and be mindful with her.

You do not have a headache for no reason. Feel into yourself. Take time for a foot massage or a walk or whatever you may need in this moment.

Feed your body when she is hungry. Stay in bed when you are sick.

Learn to listen to her signals, because your intuition also speaks a lot through your body with you (you still remember the belly brain?).


# 6 Open your heart

My favorite point in this list. (Despite the journaling, of course.)

I have no scientific or rational facts at all to support this point.

I just listened to my intuition and wrote it down here.

I can only give you a vague idea of ​​what happens or what it means when you open your heart. For me, the heart is the place of compassion and love in my presence. For example, there are breathing techniques in which you breathe through the heart (not the physical heart, of course), and if you’ve done that before, you may know about the warm sensation in your chest. You expand when you connect to your heart. You see much clearer. Fears dissolve. Your self-confidence increases. You feel safe in yourself. If I don’t know what to do, I ask my heart directly for advice. And it has never failed me. It always answers. But you have to ask.

And here is the extra tip for you!

How can you clearly perceive your intuition? How do you know that your intuition speaks? How can you recognize her voice?

Your intuition will always leave you with a choice. It is soft, light, simple.

She will always say: You could do that.

She gives you an idea. And she is smiling. Maybe you feel a promising tingling sensation. You probably have to leave your comfort zone, but behind it lies the possibility.

A fear or a critic or a convention voice is much more rigorous. They say something like: you can not do that, you have to, you must, you should do ABC because otherwise XYZ will happen. They feel harder, closer – a bit like jail.

Feel into the different qualities!


Drop me a comment and leave me your thoughts and experiences on building up your intuition <3