Hello you beautiful human!


Are you dimming your light?

Do you hide your power?

Do you play small?

Do you want things like dating the guy, more  clients or the better job?

But you just don’t KNOW how to take the first step?

Then i have an important message for YOU.

Pay cloese attention.

This will change your life.

I see your sadness.

I see the pain you feel in your heart, the empty space behind your eyes.

I know how it feels.

You live your everyday life but something is missing.

It’s a nagging feeling and you don’t want to feel it because it reminds you that there is still something to do for you.

If you just knew WHAT the hell it is!

You have no idea and rather than facing it, you numb yourself with tv or food or other empty things that just mirror the emptyness in your heart.

Don’t worry though, you’re not the only one running and hiding from what really counts for YOURSELF.

Because you can do millions of things every day, like all the other people you know do too, like your mom did and your dad and everybody you were looking up to when you were so little and tried to figure out how life works.

You did well!

You had no other chance than adapt and copy – no matter if the thing you copied or adapted to makes sense or not.

And it’s exactly THAT what is missing now for you, i assume –




That’s the thing you don’t want to look at, that’s why you created this emptiness.

Which was a pretty clever and so far serving way to avoid the unevitable, btw.

See, only YOU can follow your sense, only YOU can discover it, only YOU can make it an important thing in your life.

But instead of doing that, instead of following your curiosity and trying things out – you did what OTHERS thought you SHOULD do.

What is appropriate and socially accepted.


They didn’t know better.

You didn’t know better.

And you believed, that if you only did what others told you is the right thing to do, then someday or somehow you would get “there”.

But where?

Where the heck is “there”?

Did you dare to ask this question yet?

And did you get an answer?

Thing is: you can’t get an answer from anyone BUT YOURSELF.

You are the only one who knows where (or probably better WHAT) “there” is.

What is it FOR YOU?

Do you have an idea?

I’m sure you do.

If you dare to look just for one second into your heart, i maen REALLY LOOK AT IT, paying attention and allow yourself to FEEL what is there you know exactly what your desires are.

Oh, how your desires are related to “there” you ask?


They are your “there”.

That is where you want to go, that is for what you came here as a ahuman being, that is WHAT LIFE IS FOR.

Does that thought scare you?

Does your mind tell you a hundred million reasons why you can not do/have/be what your heart is longing for?

Again: you’re not alone.

And if you’re still reading: congratulations, because most people would have already shut down “what stupid brainfuck is that….??”

But you’re still here.

You know it’s true.

And you know there is a way.

And you are right.

And THAT is the point where it gets exciting.

When you actually at least CONSIDER following that path.

That’s huge!

That’s freakin bold!

That’s a.m.a.z.i.n.g.n.e.s.s.

I can only encourage you to embark.

Just go.

I can not tell you exactly what it looks like, because your path is not mine but one thing i know for sure: if you set the first step it will reveal itself to you always perfectly and accordingly.

Your heart is the perfect guide.

It’s its duty to guide you and it never fails if you are willing to forget everything you were told about strategy and the rational way of doing things.

If you are willing to forget everything YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW.

If you are willing to look and walk past your fear.

THAT is where the magic happens.

You are never alone on that path.

Your faith WILL grow.

Your confidence WILL grow.

You will experience more and more of what makes your heart sing.

Be aware that this path is not straight though!

You will encounter things and situations you’ve never thought you would – but that’s what it is about, right?

Or do you prefer to internally die every evening after work on your couch into numbness and senselessness?

Of course not.

You seek adventure.

That’s why you are here.

So go and create it!

It’s safe to go.

It’s OK to go.

We (and I mean basically the whole motherholycussword universe by saying “we”) NEED YOU FULLY ALIVE.

You don’t have to know WHY you do/be/have what your heart is desiring.

Sometimes it will reveal itself to you.

Sometimes not.

You really don’t have to know.

But you have to TRUST.

So now go and keep the magic alive!