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If you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed and are looking to uncover what is keeping you from moving forward and living to your full potential, this ebook will be your new north star.

The Bye, Bye Bullshit Experience – A Powerful Workbook Plus A 20-Minute Bonus Video Training

If there was only one thing I could give you to help you transform your life, it’s this Workbook. My proven 6-step process is designed to help you let go of what is holding you back from living a happy and fulfilled life, deeply connect with your intuition to use it as your guiding system, and unleash your true self to create a live you are madly in love with. If you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed and are looking to uncover what is keeping you from moving forward and living to your full potential, this Workbookk will be your new north star.

In addition to guiding you step by step through breaking through old patterns and transform your life, the Workbook is packed with journal prompts and exercises and comes with a bonus video training.

For an investment as little as $77, this digital workbook will show you exactly how to:


>> Get clarity on what you want so you know how to get it.

>> Reflect on your present mindset so you know how to change it. 

>> Declutter your life from physical, emotional and psychological baggage.

>> Put yourself first without feeling guilty about it.

>> Create a life you are madly in love with.

>> Keep taking action and become a doer (forever). 

>> The bonus video helps you to imprint your new habits into your daily life and connect deeply with your inner voice.

So good, right?

You can work on the steps at your own pace and you revisit the exercises at any time. The more often you work on them, the more powerful and impactful they become.

1 Clarity: Get crystal clear on your needs, desires, and obstacles.

2 Vision: Create a vivid vision for yourself.

3 Connection:  Learn how to embrace and fulfill your desires and needs as a source of energy instead of suppressing them because you think they are holding you back.

4 Mindset: Change old patterns and habits that don’t serve you anymore and replace them with a supporting and nourishing new mindset.

5 Release: Create space for your transformation on a physical and emotional/psychological level.

6 Integrate: Implement action steps, strategies, tools, routines, a new way of thinking and being into your life without feeling overwhelmed or under pressure. Find ways to expand your lifestyle and life into what is really important for you – and feel amazing with it.

This is the exact process I use in my private coaching broken down into an E-learning experience and for a fraction of the price for working 1 on 1 with me.

Hi! I am Linda Martinez.

I’m not only a passionate coach, I’m also an intuition and self-care specialist, coffee lover, yogini and mom. I will help you to throw your old standards overboard and create a new, fulfilling life.
My specialty is tracking down limiting beliefs and patterns and help you transform them into new, strengthening thought structures and habits through the light of your consciousness. I believe that everyone has endless potential – the potential to make their life a deep, fulfilling and abundant experience.
My mission is to uncover this potential and help you to integrate it as a solid life compass.