There was a time in my life when I never thought traveling would be a possibility for me.


I always hoped there would be a time I could make it happen; to meet new people and explore strange places.

I was quite adventurous when I was a teenager and saw places that others my age wouldn’t get the chance to see.

I was at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark at the age of 15 in1999, and I was pretty much the youngest person there.

My sister was with me, so my mom said yes.

It was the ultimate road trip for me. I had to speak English and I loved the music. I saw Metallica and The Chemical Brothers live and open air. It was huge. They were my heroes at that time. It’s a memory that never vanishes.

But I had to leave my comfort zone being between 60,000 more or less crazy people at a festival in a strange country. And I loved it! I loved the experience and the diversity.

I felt so alive.

Wild and free.

But then a few years later something strange happened after I left school and started my apprenticeship. My life got more serious. Or at least I thought, I have to be more serious to “make it” in life. And so I worked hard. Really hard.

I passed my apprenticeship early as one of the best. I thought if I make that, I’m going to be financially stable and will finally have enough time and money to travel again. But it got worse.

I hardly came by with my salary and I had to take a second job as a cashier to survive. The years went by and my adventurous nature got buried somewhere in the basement and I forgot what living felt like.

But at one point, I woke up to the fact that if I didn’t make space for the things I wanted and went after them, then they would never happen.

At the time, I had just celebrated my 30th birthday and I realized that if I don’t go for what I want and JUST DO IT nobody else will for me.

So I started to search in my heart for the forgotten adventures.

I went into a climbing park and almost peed my pants as they had to rescue me from a tree.

I dated guys and almost peed my pants before meeting them.

I went to a hip-hop festival in my area – alone.

I traveled,

I ate in fancy restaurants and did stuff I never did before.

I spent the last two winters in Colombia – meanwhile, I was a regular employee in Switzerland.

Everybody asked me how I did that and my answer was always the same: I was determined. I was certain. It was non-negotiable for me to go. I wanted it so I made it happen.


It would have been easier to stay at home and follow my same old routines.


It would have been easier a thousand times in my life.

But I don’t want my life to be easy.

Because what happens when you always take the path of least resistance is that your comfort zone shrinks. Slowly and almost unrecognized.

Just think about some people who extremely nervous when asked to leave their house. Or their city. Or do something new.

Do you want to live like that? And please don’t get me wrong – I’m not here to judge you or your choices. So if that is your choice – that’s ok. But make it a conscious choice.


And don’t complain, or wonder when your life is suddenly over, how much more there would have been for you.


Just saying.

Because I think most of us have a dream.

What’s yours?

Have you buried it or are you brave enough to go for it?

Did you try but give up as soon as things got a bit bumpy?

Did you fail on your own obstacles?

Don’t be mad at yourself. I suggest you do it again. If you really want it – you do it again. Yeah, you can roll up on the floor and cry for a second but then please get back up and do it again.

Your obstacles love you. They are friends. Just like your problems. They show you exactly where to go. What you believe in is possible for you.

We are trained to see failure as an enemy, but it is not. And we are trained to give up on our dreams because society tells us “this is how life goes.” No, it’s not.

Look around. Do you really think that people who make their dreams a reality are special? That they are better than you? Sorry to destroy your most loved excuse, but they are not.

Each one of the people you admire (or envy or dislike because they have something you don’t) has ditched their excuses and fears and stupid thoughts about themselves and what is possible and what not – a thousand times. A million times. And they do it again and again and again.

So now it’s your turn.

Ditch the bullshit.

Get the fuck up and go get what you really want!

Life is short and you only have one.

What is your biggest dream?

What did you always want to be/do/have?

Have you allowed yourself to go for it yet?

Have you decided?

What’s holding you back?