Because sometimes you just have to step out of your comfort zone to experience true miracles.


I am in Dublin right now and it’s just the beginning of my trip through Ireland.

It’s the 3rd day, exactly, but I am already filled up by such incredible amazingness.

I booked the flights to Ireland 5 months ago.

I was certain that I wanted to go on vacation in summer, but honestly I felt a bit crazy around it, because my mind kept on giving me various reasons NOT to do it.

I traveled before and always had some stories around it, but this time was special.

It’s my first single trip after I got married.

So my mind kept on trying to convince me to stay at home to avoid relationship drama.

Which is super weird, because my adorable husband would NEVER hold me back from anything that I want to do.

But my mind was stuck in old stories and so were my emotions.

But I could detect them as stories pretty fast and so my mind searched for something else to hold me back from what i really wanted.

So I created a really tight money situation right before my holiday was due.

And even when my flights were already booked, I didn’t dare to plan or book anything else – even basics like accommodation, because I was stuck in my own story of “I don’t have enough money to create enjoyable holidays” and “i probably better blow everything off, because I will end up sleeping on the streets”.

But I faced that shit.

I didn’t feel worthy of a nice trip and so i created circumstances that almost would have turned it into a disaster, just to prove my weird beliefs right.

I created a money situation that looked something like this: EITHER I go on my trip OR I pay my bills for this month OR I pay for my mentorships.

(Yeah, paying for my own coaching and mentoring was a topic in this conversation, too)

But at the same time as these conversations in my own mind had taken place, something transformed inside of me.

I decided.

I decided that I WANT TO GO – no matter what.

I decided that I want to go on my trip AND pay my bills for the month AND pay for my mentorships.

And so I went.

The train ride to the airport was an adventure as if it was the first time i ever sat on a train to an airport (it certainly wasn’t).

Right on the plane I met an amazing woman, with whom I meet today to see trinity college.

Then I met my new hostel roommate – and we just had the greatest and deepest conversation you can possibly have with a stranger, right before our ways divided again.

(I leave Dublin town today and move closer to the coast to walk and cycle around the cliffs and stuff my face with seafood, just in case you wonder).

Right now I am sitting in the hostel lobby and a guy makes music and a girl just joined in.

MAGIC MOMENTS if you ask me.

I am deeply inspired since I am here.

I meet amazing people since I am here.

And no, my money situation didn’t really change – I was actually confronted even more with my fears as an unexpected payment shrunk my resources of a not unmentionable amount.

But I decided again.

I want to enjoy this trip anyway.

I will get the best out of it.

I will NOT roll up on the ground and cry.

Instead, I raise an imaginary middlefinger to my own BS and do it anyway.

God that feels good!

And I am prepared.

I don’t know what I will have to face meanwhile traveling through this incredible beautiful island, but what i certainly know is that: I am not the same person anymore.

In a good way!

Look, I do not only teach transformation – I LIVE IT.

And just in case you thought i already live the lifestyle i always craved and desired and at one point couldn’t even IMAGINE would be possible for me –

You’re right!

And you’re not.

I DO live a life, which – if you had told me a few years ago about – I would have broken out in pure desperate laughter or have had nervous breakdown.

But here is not the finish line.

There is so much more I want to experience.

So much more I want to be/do/have.

I am prepared to walk past my fears, BS and own mind in order to be the best version I can possibly be of myself every. damn. day.

I am willing to walk past my own concepts into freedom.

Into abundance.




They are like the sun: always there, but we often don’t see them behind the clouds of missbeliefs about how this world is or who we are or what we are worth of being/doing/ having.

Liberate yourself.