Free Money Manifesting Resources

You may have heard rumblings around the social medias, but Money Mentality Makeover is opening enrollment at an unprecedented time.

Which is fitting as we are in an unprecedented time — a time where people are looking at their lives — and at whether their relationship with money and the dynamics at play in their finances do or don’t serve them, feel good to them or work for them.

In case you are wondering: Money Mentality Makeover is a digital course offered by The Money Queen herself, Amanda Frances. I worked through this course two years ago for the first time and it deeply and completely changed my life. I still regularly return to the content and always find or hear something new and transforming.

People have been asking Amanda Frances and her team to open every single day, multiple times a day since quarantine began.

If you are curious about the digital course that has supported thousands of many woman including myself  in:


>> Healing their past experiences with money

>> Increasing their worth and realigning their identify when it comes to money

>> Completely transforming what they believe is possible for them when it comes to earning, saving, debt, investing, spending, etc.

>> And, obviously, earning, generating, attracting and receiving more money regardless of their career, position, history, or the current state of their life or business…


I have something for you.


You can jump on the Money Mentality Makeover waitlist to receive a coupon code to use during the pre-sale next week.

When you do, Amanda will send you some free ‘Money Manifesting Resources’ — these are various trainings and meditations on the topic of money from over the years that she has gathered for you… for free.

There is no obligation to enroll in MMM by opting in to these resources.



You should know that Amandas courses are the only ones that I fullheartedly recommend you to get into – besides my own services of course.

Her energy and the way she sees and does things are not like most of the cookie-cutter content that floats around on the internet. Instead of telling you what to do, she elevates your spirit and helps you to carve out and walk your own path.
If you ever had problems or felt tension with or around money and finances you should definitely follow the link and sign up for the free resources Amanda is giving you for joining the waitlist.
There is no further obligation to buy anything but a chance that you change your relationship with money forever.

Should you decide to join Money Mentality Makeover when it opens up, I might receive a commission for referring you to the course. There is no hidden fee or anything if you use the above link to signup for the free resources.


I am Linda Martinez. I am a transformational life coach, world traveler and spiritual badass. I help women who feel stuck in mediocrity to heal their past and create a life beyond their wildest dreams. My mission is to help you discover your true self and live your truth unapologetically with passion, purpose and thriving relationships.