Today i have a powerful exercise for you.


In my last post “Why you MUST have what you want and it’s not what you think you CAN have” i told you WHY you MUST get what you want.

I think it’s our birthright to be fulfilled, happy and in peace with ourselves.

Your desires are the north star and point out exactly to you what it is that you should go for.

You don’t have to though, but i assume that if you read my blog, you at least consider to do so.


So now i’m gonna show you a very effective way to attract what you desire into your reality.

You gotta BE what you want first.

Sounds so simpel, right?

Or do you go already crazy because all you want is to be rich and how could you be rich without having the monies?

Or you want your soulmate partner by your side but how could you BE your own soulmate partner and how the hell would that help you to find him (or her) because you don’t want to be alone with yourself anymore – otherwise you wouldn’t want a partner, eh?

But think twice.

Take a step back.

Imagine you were your soulmate partner to be.

And now look at you through his or her eyes.

Would you want to spend the rest of your life with you?

Can you say wholeheartedly “yes” to yourself without hesitation?

Same goes for money and everything btw.

Dream job.

Soulmate clients.


Think about it.

This excersise seems banal – but it’s super powerful.

Do it.

And you know pretty fast who you have to become to get what you really long



Because it’s not about stuff that has to come to you or that you have to chase to get it.


It’s about who you have to become in order to attract your desires into your life.

Take a close look.

Sit down and see yourself through “the others eyes”.

Have your journal handy and write about your experiences.

Do not filter.

Learn to be honest with yourself.

This is no place for judgement, shame or guilt.

Remind yourself that you are the best version of yourself already, that at any time you lived to the best of your abilities.

Ditch the negativity, you don’t need it here.

You can pick it up later if you really want to.

But you don’t have to.

Pretend there were no such things as judgement, fear, shame and guilt existant in this world.

Look at yourself through the eyes of love.

Write down who you have to become to get what you are craving.

Write down what comes up for you, even if you might not understand it yet.

You can stop here, and go back to your everyday life to let it sink in.

Be sure it will work inside of you and that you are led to the next step.

Or you go a bit further now, on an expedition so to say.

If you want, you can take another look inside of you.

Can you find what you wrote down in the first excercise inside of you?

The missing piece?

That what you have to become?

Is it possibly already existant in you?

May it be you just don’t live that aspect of yours now?

Again: Don’t judge.

Explore curiously.

Write your experiences down.

It doesn’t matter what you find – or don’t find.

Honor yourself for being so bold and searching inside of yourself.

That’s huge!

Not many people do that yet.

But they should.

And they will.

You can do this excersise as often as you want.

It’s really powerful and eye opening.

I’d love to know what came up for you, so feel free to share!

Tons of Love ❤

P.S. I’m sitting in the hostel lobby in Dublin meanwhile i write that and took the picture. That’s me – raw and after my breakfast creating awesome and life changing stuff for you ?