Creating a BEAUTIFUL life for yourself and others is easier than you might THINK.


It starts in your own head my friend!

It is so simple and yet we tend to BELIEVE it is super hard.

So, drumroll please, because here it is:

*You don’t have to believe everything that you think.*

That’s it. Simple right? But how do you do that? Stop believing? I mean, thoughts can feel so real right?


Because first comes thought, then comes feeling. And when you feel it, it becomes real for you.

But: when a thought crosses your mind it is your CHOICE if you believe in it.

If your mind would tell you: grass is blue – you wouldn’t believe it – would you?

So why do you believe it when your mind is telling you:

I am not good enough.

I never gonna get that.

I better don’t even ask for it.

Oh my god, I look terrible. Look at this fat on my belly!

Nobody likes me.

She is a b*tch.

I ALWAYS fail. So I better don’t try.

blah blah blah.

It’s all just thoughts!

They have NO power – except you give power to them when you BELIEVE in them.

The problem is not WHAT you think. It’s that you IDENTIFY with your thoughts. You BELIEVE in everything your mind tells you, unaware that YOU are the one who actually leads the show. So your mind drives you all day long and mostly you don’t even realize it.

Start to detach from the noise in your head. Take one step back and start to observe. There will be thoughts where it is easier to NOT believe them, and there are the ones you really IDENTIFY with. But they are all the same: JUST THOUGHTS.

They don’t mean anything until you give meaning to them. So start to observe what your mind is dropping all the time. Start to be AWARE of what is happening in your head. Nothing more. Nothing less. Do not judge. Just observe.

And then you can start to ask yourself:

“is THAT true?”

“Is it true that i always fail?”

When you start to examine your thoughts, you will realize pretty fast that they are not THE ULTIMATE TRUTH.

You learned how to walk, speak and you are strolling since xx years over mother earths surface without accidentally dying – THAT IS A HUGE SUCCESS MY DEAR!

You, your mind and your body are a miracle made not only to SURVIVE but to THRIVE, you just forgot that.

Now it’s time to remind yourself about this truth.

You do that by observe, examine and choose new thoughts.

So, after you examined your thought by asking “is THAT true” you can choose new.

Out of “I always fail” you make: ” I AM a huge success. I succeeded many times and I will again. Failing is part of being alive. It’s nothing bad to fail.”

And so on…

Our planet needs awake and conscious thinkers.

People who start to look inside and change themselves in order to create a peaceful, thriving and happy environment for themselves, their children and everybody else.

True healing for ALL OF US AND OUR PLANET starts with each of us looking inside and clean things up there first.

Are you a bold pioneer to take the first step by observing your thoughts?

I hope so for the sake of us all ❤