How to program yourself for success and achieve anything you desire.


If you read that, I assume something is missing in your life.

Something you’re longing for.

Something that would feel like a big success if it were to appear in your life.

And you sense it – something has to happen for it to occur.

You feel nervous, restless and pushed, and ask yourself: how CAN I MAKE it happen?

So let me tell you one secret right away:

You can’t force anything to happen, but you can create the REALITY in which your desired outcomes can evolve.

And you certainly WILL change who you ARE to create that reality.

Are you ready?

Alright, then!

So ask yourself:

  • What is your biggest goal in life right now?
  • What is it that you want to achieve?
  • Which circumstances do you want to change?
  • Can you really feel your desired outcome?
  • What would your life, love, and finances FEEL like if you already had what you wanted?
  • What would succeess feel like for you?
  • I mean: did you ever think about – or feel into – what true success would mean for you?
  • How it would feel, if your desired outcome would already be true?


These are just common questions, but you should get used to asking them again and again if you want to become a true master of your own reality.

I absolutely recommend journaling about them.

It’s easy to grab a pen, write down the question and then what comes to mind. It creates enormous space for your unconscious mind to express itself.

It is a fantastic pre-work for the process I am now going to describe.


Recently, a friend asked me on the phone, how I program myself for what I want.


I told her the story, that when I was single, I programmed myself to believe ‘I attract the most handsome men, and they pop out of nothing and can’t leave their eyes off me.’

That is precisely how I met my now husband. Once I met him, I never thought about this belief again or even acknowledged its existence.

But meanwhile, when I traveled, it happened again. A guy popped out of nowhere and seemed like he doesn’t want to leave again. Of course, I rejected the kind offer, but it kept me thinking. I felt there was some message in what happened.

And I figured exactly what I then told my friend: once you have programmed yourself to believe something it works automatically for (or against) you.

She asked me ‘how’ I intentionally programmed myself, I was a bit surprised and had to think about my answer for a second.

It already became second nature for me to program myself for things that I want.

It is so natural for me that I don’t even consider that somebody wouldn’t know how to do it.

But I feel maybe you want to know, too.

Maybe that was the message: To share about programming.


Step one to achieve anything that you desire.


So here we go with the first step: get clear on what you want.

If you’re not 100% clear on what you want you will get something, but probably not what you’re looking for.

Think of the universe as a restaurant for a minute. If the waiter came over to take your order and you said, “I don’t know, bring me whatever you have.”

You will either get nothing or something you didn’t really want.

Maybe you’re lucky it’ll be good enough.

Or maybe not.

You could even assume that maybe, ‘there is nothing better for me’ or even worse ‘I probably don’t deserve more.’

Nothing could be further from the truth!

So get clear on what you want.

And to get clear, it is actually a good thing to NOT get what you want first.

Yeah, paradox, I know.

God (or life, universe, spirit, force) loves a paradox.

Get used to it.

Let’s say you are single and you want a relationship.

Maybe you had some drama already in your past relationships.

You know kind of what you want and maybe kind of what you don’t want but you aren’t really sure and maybe what you want doesn’t exist for you (oh it does!) or in general (EVERYTHING is out there – expand your mind).

So the best way to find out you want in a partner and in a relationship is to get your cute little butt out there and start dating.

Many women think their prince will come one day on his white horse right to their doorstep and it’ll be love at first sight, and nothing can divide them anymore, forever and ever.

I’m not saying that that won’t happen from time to time but:

Sorry to wake you up.

That’s NOT how it works.

When you want something, and this counts for EVERYTHING, you have to go out there to get it.

Search for it.

Get clear on what it is.

Be willing to make mistakes first.

Start dating.

And be prepared that you will encounter things that you DON’T want.

Embrace it.

You’re on the right track to finding out what you want.

Don’t be afraid to get your hands a little bit dirty.

It’s actually fun to play trial and error.


Step two to achieve anything that you desire.


After doing this you’re ready to shift to the second phase: focusing on what you DO want.

Where focus goes energy flows.

Which means for you and your programming: the more you focus on what you want, the more it HAS to appear in your life.

That has nothing to do with woo woo stuff; it is a law – proven by quantum physics.

(There are tons of books on the topic; A Happy Pocket Full Of Money from David Glkandy is my all time favorite).

I don’t claim to understand quantum physics TRULY, but what I know is that:

Below a subatomic level, WE ARE MADE OUT OF QUANTUM PARTICLES.

Quantum particles are basically ENERGY.

We are made of energy.

Our matter is made out of the same as the moon, stars or the chair on which you sit – ENERGY.

Why am i telling you that?

Because you attract what you are.

If your every cell is fed with information on what you want and vibrates on it – you attract more of it into your life. Like a magnet.

So how do you now program yourself to become that magnet?

When you know what you want you can start to FEEL like you already have it.

(Remember the questions from the beginning?)


If you want a man in your life, you can start to feel HIM – even if he is not there with you YET.


How would it feel to be next to him?

To hold his hand?

Feel his breath?

When he touches you?

What’s his smell?

His temperature?

Look deep into his eyes.

See him.

Feel him.

FEEL what your relationship would be like.

You can use ANY tool that helps you to keep your focus on what you want:





Observe your environment.

Find proof for his existence.

(Because yes, he’s born already and out there searching for you – same goes for EVERYTHING that you desire).


I love the relationship example because I find it’s the most natural thing to develop emotions for a man (or a woman); thus it is easy to understand.

It is easy to understand that in order to attract your ideal partner, you have to become a (your) ideal partner first.

Vibrate ideal partner vibes.

Relationships come more natural to most of us, but it works with desire in EVERY area.

The stronger the emotional connection to it, the easier it comes into your life.


Because emotions are ENERGY IN MOTION.

You literally move the space, the quantum particles inside you and around you by FEELING THE FEELINGS and set ENERGY INTO MOTION.

You do it all the time by the way, but mostly unconsciously.

By focusing on what you don’t want, for instance, you vibe with it, you feel it and ergo: pull it into your awareness.

So that’s how programming works.

It’s a super easy and natural process but you need the practice to do it on purpose because you weren’t aware of this ability of yours so far.

It’s like learning how to drive.

It takes a lot of effort in the beginning, but as soon as your mind and body know how to do it, they do it automatically.

When you programmed yourself on something, it means your every cell is focused on that very thing.

When a computer is programmed, it ONLY focuses on that very thing.

Otherwise, it is malfunctioning.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Once you focus on what you want, your conscious mind will find more and more proof of this new reality in your everyday life.

You will start to see more and more handsome men or potential clients.

And when you start to acknowledge them, they will acknowledge you.

Your reality will shift.


Maybe even faster than you could imagine.

But don’t worry about time.

If I have one more thing to say about this process, it’s: don’t hurry.

Enjoy the way.

Enjoy the shift.

Enjoy who you become.

Stay present and don’t attach too much to what you want.

Feel it, and release it.

Celebrate who you already are.

There is absolutely NO guarantee that you ever achieve your goal after all.



That’s LIFE.