How to step into your TRUE Power


Today i want to remind you about something so profound but yet we always forget it at least at one point in our life.

You were not born to be average.

You were born to be extraordinary.
Do you remeber how you did believe 100% that you had super powers when you were a child?
How you could feel your phantasies in every cell?
I often felt like a superhero.
Or a princess.
(Insert childhood phantasies here).
Everything was possible.
Why wouldn’t it? You could FEEL it, so it was REAL.
But when we grow up our environment teaches us that this world we were living in is not true.
That only what we see with our eyes is real. (except radiowaves or the ENERGY to switch on the TV, light, whatever… but that’s another topic).
And we bought it.
We dimmed our LIGHTS and aligned with the limiting beliefs of who knows how many generations…who didn’t know better.
But what you felt were true.
We all are superheroes in our own special way.
You know exactly what you are here for.
You know exactly who you are meant to be.
You just FORGOT.
But don’t worry: it is part of our journey to forget that.
I don’t believe in coincidences, so if you are reading this now, THIS IS FOR YOU: It’s time to wake up.
It’s time to go back to YOUR truth.
To LIVE the life you were always meant to have.
To BE who you always meant to be.
To DO what you were always meant to do.
To ENJOY as if you had no past, no future, nothing to loose.
To IMPACT those who need your light.
Your desires are your navigation.
What you yearn IS YOUR TRUTH.
There is no doubt.
No right.
No wrong.
They show you in which direction to go.
Don’t supress them.
Follow them boldly.

They are not childish or selfish or crazy or impossible. They are your birthright!


Allow yourself to follow them.
Allow yourself to experience life fully and in HD.
Ask yourself:
>> What are my most burning desires?
>> What do I feel I want to be/do/have in this life?
>> Can I allow myself to have them?
Let the answers bubble up.
Don’t judge. Observe what is there. As if you were talking to a friend.
Grab a pen and paper and journal about your truth to dig deeper…