Increase your Wellbeing long term by this immediate practice


Our feelings are an important indicator of our wellbeing.

If you feel good, you know that everything is ok. You are in flow, you feel no need to change anything.

When you feel lousy you know something is out of alignment and needs to be adjusted.

If you are a person like me and have set goals in life, you can build up a certain tension. You might not be there yet, but your goal (or goals) are pulling you towards something more, so you are always in a place to change your situation – or better who you are – to achieve these goals.

That is good on one hand; scientifically it is a positive form of stress called ‘eustress’;  eustress is known to improve your memory, enhance creativity or to boost your immune system, helps your body recover faster and is hence a beneficial form of stress; but it can shift very fast into the destructive form called ‘distress’ if we don’t pay attention to our bodies and how we feel.


How do you feel right now, at this moment?


You can check in with yourself by imagining a scale from 1 to 10 and rate your current wellbeing in general, or if you want to have it more detailed; imagine or draw a scale from 1 to 10 for different areas of your life: relationships, finances, living, family & friends, work, purpose, play.

Now rate your wellbeing in these specific areas. Be honest with yourself.

If it’s a 2 it’s a 2, if it’s a 10 currently – perfect. Don’t listen to what your mind is telling you about how it ‘should’ be.

It’s all about how you right now, in this moment, FEEL.


Your wellbeing is essential in many ways.


If you watch it from the side of the law of attraction ‘you attract what you are’ you should really feel like a queen all day long – because your wellbeing makes it much easier for you to attract the things that you want and that are good for you on an energetic level.

Of course, it makes sense on a physical level, too.

A well rested, nourished, loved body can keep up all its functions with ease. Rejuvenation is running on its own, the cells can regenerate, digestion is smooth and the brain is fully supported.

You can imagine in half of a second how much easier your life is flowing when you are in good health and condition.

A tired, stressed person is more likely to miss out on excellent opportunities, just for the reason that she probably just doesn’t realize that there is one.


So it is vital for you to check in regularly on your wellbeing and do things for yourself that increase such.


And yeah, I get it: You don’t have time.

Your schedule is tight; you have so much other stuff on your mind and how the hell should you fit in self-care time?

I got you here. That’s why I will now explain to you how easy it is to fit in more things that are good for you into your day.

You have much more power than you think and much more time, btw too.

See, you created your busy schedule by choice.

It was, at one point in your life, your choice to negate your wellbeing.

Our society actually supports depletion on our own bodies. We are heroes when we appear at work after just 3 hours of sleep or ignore the flu.

Today, we have to handle much more pressure than maybe 30, 40 or 50 years ago. Our lives get faster and fuller through technology. Everything – including ourselves – is accessible every second of every day.

That’s amazing and I love our modern possibilities with internet and social media obviously, but my point here is that we are more likely to burn out today than we were a few years ago.


That’s a pity because we bury so much potential by not taking care of ourselves.


So, I encourage you now to make a conscious change if you find yourself taking everything else more serious as your own wellbeing.

It is not selfish to take care of yourself. Eventually, we all benefit from you being in best form and flow.

You’ll be a better mum if you have children when you take care of yourself, a better boss, a better co-worker, a better neighbor, friend, and partner.

You will have more to give to your clients, your community, your family and you will receive much more in exchange.

It is an act of love FOR THE WHOLE WORLD to take yourself and your wellbeing seriously and put it first.


So now, how can you increase your level of wellbeing immediately?


Let’s get back to the scale from the beginning.

Again, you can draw scales for different areas of your life and rate your wellbeing. That is good if you want to track your progress and really want to make a commitment to your wellbeing. You can even write your commitment in your initial drawing:

“I, _________, commit to taking daily inspired action for my wellbeing. I will check in with myself daily, listen to my inner voice and my body and do what makes me feel good and aligned.”

Something like that. Write what feels right to you.

Check in daily, for each area or just in general; take a second and ask yourself:

“How do I feel right now?”

Listen to your inner wisdom and body. Trust that you will always know the right answer.

Then ask yourself:

“What can I do right now to feel better?”

It can be small things like adjusting the way you sit, drinking a glass of water or bigger things like asking somebody for forgiveness, unclutter your home or wash the car.

Once you have your answer, do it.

Follow through. Make it a habit to take care of yourself.

Set yourself a date, maybe in one month, or three or six and get back to your drawings. Rate new. You will be surprised by the results!

You can use journaling or other practices too, to increase your level of wellbeing.

If you want the short and immediate version: do the check in during your day.

Ask yourself:

“How do I feel right now?”


“What can I do right now to feel better?”

You can do that regardless of your situation. You don’t need money or lots of time for it.

But you can learn to be generous and kind to yourself.


How you treat yourself, you treat everything.

And how you treat everything, everything treats you.