Not long ago writing was considered as an art.


For our society today, writing has become an everyday task.

For me personally, writing still has this magic spark. It’s a powerful tool. It’s expression,
divine connection and creation.

You can explore the hidden depths of your being and light your own shadows with a pen
in your hand. You needn’t talk about what you found. Nobody ever has to see. There are
only you, your pen and the paper.

No judgments but total freedom and your true creative, playful self. Your heart. Your soul.
Here in this secure space, you’re allowed to let everything out. Fears, anger, grief,
judgments as well as passions and desires you barely dare to admit to yourself.

Living our everyday life, there are so many things that we forget about ourselves.
Things we think we are not allowed or we are ashamed of thinking, being, wishing, wanting
or even talk about them.

These self – limitations don’t exist in your journal. You can break free from your own prison
and give direction back to your life. Your direction.

My experience with journaling.

At a time in my life where everything broke apart and I felt lonely, beaten and low I started
a dialogue with myself in a simple notebook. I had so much stuff to dump and I remember
very well the relief I felt after writing everything down in my journal.
I could vent everything.
Sadness, anger, hopelessness, and grief were flowing through my hand into the paper and
left me everytime a bit lighter and released.
I started to write with purpose. I spoke to life itself, asked for signs,
for guidance and help.
I wrote down my visions and true desires and I carried my notebook always with me
writing down all the awesome stuff that came to
my mind after asking so.

And the magic happened so naturally:
Much of the things I wrote down got my reality.

I would like to show you some of my favorite Journaling questions and techniques to
give you an easy access and small guide for your first steps in journaling.

They should help you to reconnect with your most beautiful self,
your emotions, true desires, and passions. Theese are there for a reason. They are sacred
and they need to be expressed.

When you find this connection to yourself you live your life from the inside out.
You feel aligned, more fulfilled and you learn to handle even heavy feelings and
emotions with serenity.


When you get started with journaling…

Believe that journaling will be helpful in every aspect of your life. Believe in its magic. If
you don’t believe in its power it will be wasted time for you and pretty senseless. So do
yourself a favor and believe it. If you let your heart and soul open up and speak through
your writing your life will change radically. Your belief is the fuel for this rocket ship.

Be patient
Yeah, sometimes nothing seems to happen. Sometimes you won’t know what to write
about. No connection, no super hot breaking news. And that’s ok, too. Stay on track. Make
journaling your habit and not only write on bad days. Write every day, even if there are
only 3 words to say. Be patient with yourself and the process.

Be your very own best friend
Be kind with yourself. No matter what you find meanwhile exploring yourself (cause
probably you won’t like everything that is there) – accept it as a part of you. Do not judge
yourself. And if you do, just acknowledge it and then continue to be nice to yourself.
Especially in the beginning, some things can feel like you are not allowed to write them.
Write them anyway. These are the treasures waiting for you.


What you need for your Journaling Practice:

• A writing instrument of your choice.
For best results choose the one you really love.
• A notebook.
It hasn’t to be something special but it can be.
I love it to buy super beautiful notebooks for my journaling and give them names.
That makes the whole process more special. I have several notebooks for different
But this is totally up to you and how you feel the most comfortable.


What else? An open, curious mind.