Journal Your Heart out – Shift Your Life Forever with the 4 Week Journaling Masterclass!


Journaling is my favorite thing in the world. It literally saved my life when i hitted rock bottom a few years ago. Journaling helped me to BE and CREATE the life and person I AM today.

If you feel stuck in your life and business. or if you dream about finally meeting your soulmate and create the relationship of your dreams – journaling will help you to gain CLARITY and CREATE the outcome that you desire.

You step out of victimhood into the badass creator that you ARE.

There are no limits, except the ones in your head. Journaling helps you to uncover what is holding you back and shift it into a supporting belief system.

Journaling can help you to release past traumas and process heavy emotions.


It is my go to tool for EVERYTHING.


And now i created 4 weeks of deep dive work for you to:

  • get started with journaling
  • inspire the sh*t out of you
  • keep you accountable in your practice
  • find & connect to your soul, purpose & creativity

and much more…


You will:

  •  learn how to journal proactive – like a BOSSLADY
  •  learn how to deal with emotions and blocks
  •  learn how to create the results you desire in business, personal life, relationships and every other area


I will be there all the time during the course in our private FB group, answering every question, dropping daily content and do live trainings.

AND if you get on the wait list now, you recieve extra and for FREE:


  • A 50$ coupon code for the course   (147$ instead of 197$)
  • A free copy of the 25 best journaling prompts to to amp up your lie & business NOW
  • PLUS a 30 min 1 on 1 private session with me as a bonus when you purchase the course


Jep. All of it is yours if you sign up now for the waitlist.*

*No obligations, you will be added to the wait list and you eventually decide if you join the course or not.

The PDF and coupon code are 100% yours, no matter what.


Start October 2018


Hi, I’m Linda!

I’m a Transformational Life Coach and I help women create the lifestyle of her dreams.

I’m sure that as soon as we accept and learn to fully express ourselves, changes on a deep and lasting level take place.
When you don’t have to prove anything to anyone anymore, you are able to enjoy yourself and your life massively.
I came a long way from being bullied at work – even from my own boss, having boring, draining relationships and a half-ass miserable life to live my true passions every day and wake up with a smile on my face.
It’s not always sugar and rainbows so I create and hold massive space for you to explore yourself and open up, feel what is there and finally recognize what was always true:


It’s time to not give a fuck any longer and deep dive into your live. You only have one!