Read How You Can Detect And Release Negative Emotions That Block You From Being In Alignment And Soul Flow.


I wanted to write about negative feelings, about swearing and how you have to let these things out of your system. Venting, so to speak.

I think many people are afraid of swearing, of saying something wrong or getting punished for using strong words.

But these words are there anyway, and I think they become toxic if you do not let them out of your system.


When I was writing my morning journal today, the most significant part of what came through was how much I hate certain things.


How much I hate to feel blocked in certain areas, how much I hate to feel stuck in some areas, how much I hate that some things are not going as I want them to.

I was surprised about my own hate, but it was there, and it had to be expressed.

And I honestly thought for a second — I shouldn’t feel hate.

But that’s bullshit.

If I hate certain things, if I feel or think “I hate this and that” it is even more toxic to suppress it into somewhere into my system where it will influence me out of the depths of my subconscious.


What you resist, persists and it is the same with unexpressed negative thoughts and emotions.


I do not suggest though, that you let them run wild towards other people, but I suggest that you create a safe space for yourself where you can express these emotions without hurting anybody.

For me, that is through journaling.

I think it’s the shortest path: Thoughts are words, and we express words through speaking them or writing them.

Of course, you can sit down in meditation for instance and look at each of your negative thoughts, or look at what’s to be acknowledged.

But that’s not my jam, and ergo i can’t give you tips on it. (If you are interested in meditation , have a look at Chrissy’s Website – she has good advices for beginners, for example HERE)

Writing for me has the most power. The second I write it down it leaves my system. It is EXPRESSED, it is made visible, you literally look at it.

That is the big difference for me between “only” thinking, and speaking the thought and writing it down.


But the exciting thing happened after I wrote these feelings down this morning…


I am currently in Barcelona, Spain on a holiday with my niece.

My niece loves to sleep in, so I use the mornings to do my personal work and write with my soy & cinnamon cappuccino.

I took a different route today to my coffee shop as I saw a guy who stood on the other side of the street and targeted me.

I already knew he was going to approach me when I passed, it was apparent – and I was right.

As I passed him, he walked beside me and asked for my name.

His energy wasn’t nice or inviting, it wasn’t a way I want to talk to anybody – so I first tried to ignore him, but that didn’t work, he only came closer.

I told him that I want to be left alone, but that didn’t work either. It led to me stopping, turning my heels, pointing my finger on him and yelling at him in German to leave me the fuck alone.

It worked. He turned – told me I am a fucking bitch – but he left.

It was interesting that that happened to me TODAY.

I travel a lot. I am not afraid to be on my own in strange cities, and I rarely experience shit like that. Because I am usually not available for it.

But today was different. I mean, I want to write about expressing your “bad” emotions and out of the blue somebody appears, and I see the need to yell at him. Honestly, I feel better now. Maybe he feels the hate now, that I felt this morning – or perhaps not.

I am not enlightened. I have no idea how I would have handled that situation in a calm and balanced state or if it even would have been occurred.


I didn’t even know if I should tell this story. Or if people judge me for it.


But I do it anyway. I feel like it’s my duty not to keep my mouth shut, especially if I feel I shouldn’t talk about something.

I am sure it will be helpful for one or the other.

So after that situation, I thought about the message of it, and it came clear: if you experience situations like that more frequently, if anything that you superficially don’t want occurs all the time, you most certainly suppress experiences or emotions that need to be seen and acknowledged.

I am a specialist in releasing these emotions; it became so natural to me that I almost forgot that it is not yet common sense for everybody to do so.

That guy on the street reminded me about that.

Do you find yourself again and again in the same weird situations like:

  • You want a relationship, but you always attract guys that are either not available or not your type.
  • You have relationships, but they never last over a certain point.
  • You change your jobs, but something is always off: you don’t get raises, promotions or still have trouble with your co-workers.
  • You have a dream, traveling for example or a business, but every time you get on it; something happens that keeps you from it.


Sounds familiar?

Every time something happens frequently, weird situations appear again and again – just in different “disguises,” or it seems like you can’t reach what you want as if there was an invisible wall keeping you from it — it’s patterns that mostly developed out of unprocessed emotions or experiences.

But here’s the good news:

It’s entirely possible to return the process, release the emotions, process the experiences and new, constructive habits and patterns will develop almost by themselves.