1 on 1 Private Coaching

Create a fulfilling lifestyle that you are madly in love with – for good!

Apply For Private Coaching

You don’t have to sacrifice your wellbeing, family, friends or your passions in order to be successful:
You. Can. Have. It. All.

You can have a thriving career or a successful business AND:

>> Feel amazing in and with your body

>> Have meaningful and fulfilling relationships

>> Enjoy time with your family

>> Do more of the things you really love 

>> Wake up in the morning feeling fresh, fabulous and excited for the day ahead

>> Exude radiance every day

>> Attract amazing opportunities with ease

>> Enhance success in your business or career

>> Be more productive while feeling relaxed like a buddha at sunset

This Is What You Get If You Sign Up For Coaching With Me:

x A 90-Minute Self-Care Strategy Session to kick off your transformational experience (6-month package only).

x Unlimited calls: You can book as many 45 Minute calls within the duration of our 3/6 months together as you need. My agenda is open twice a week and you have your personal access link to schedule the calls. I am there if you need me.

x Unlimited Voxer/Messenger support from Monday – Friday.

x A copy of my Ebook Bye, Bye Bullshit to work through on your own pace.

1 Clarity: Get crystal clear on your needs, desires, and obstacles.

2 Vision: Create a vivid vision for yourself.

3 Connection:  Learn how to embrace and fulfill your desires and needs as a source of energy instead of suppressing them because you think they are holding you back.

4 Mindset: Change old patterns and habits that don’t serve you anymore and replace them with a supporting and nourishing new mindset.

5 Release: Create space for your transformation on a physical and emotional/psychological level.

6 Integrate: Implement action steps, strategies, tools, routines, a new way of thinking and being into your life without feeling overwhelmed or under pressure. Find ways to expand your lifestyle and life into what is really important for you – and feel amazing with it.

During our coaching, we work the steps at your pace and in no particular order. Each session is tailored to you and naturally reveals which area needs attention. Applying for coaching is without obligation. The application helps us to make sure that we are a good fit before we decide to work together. After you complete the application you’ll get a link to book a 30-Minute Complementary Call where we’ll get to know each other and explore if private coaching is the right solution for you. My intention is to offer you an insight into what your next steps could be whether we work together or not.