Self-Acceptance: It Will Change Your Life Forever. Here Is How.


Feeling good in your own skin will completely change your world. It’s important to take the time to learn yourself and figure out the places you’re neglecting yourself so you can properly heal those issues. You can’t live your best life when you’re not comfortable with who you are.

Everything will fall into place for you.

I think we are here on this planet to embrace ourselves. To live shamelessly. To embrace our sexuality, our desires and to have fun. To enjoy being here, because life is such a gift. It is a gift that “God” gave to us – and I am only using the term “God” because I grew up in a Christian environment and I associate this greater power with the word “God.” So whatever you call it; God, Allah, The Universe, Spirit – life is a gift from what created us. I sincerely believe in this. Our life here on earth is a gift for us, and our gift to our creator is to live it FULLY.

Accepting ourselves AS WE ARE is a big part of our gift to this greater power. Our body was made in perfection when we were in our mother’s womb, and there could be nothing wrong with us ever – no matter what society tells us how we have to look, and even that standard varies from culture to culture. In every culture women and men try to look like a certain standard ideal – and forget that their bodies were made in perfection.

I know how hard it is to accept your body. Or how hard it can be. Luckily, there ARE enough people who find it easy to love and accept themselves, but honestly, I am not one of them. I DO love and accept myself, but it is a choice I have to make every day anew.

Every day when these self-destructive thoughts creep in I have to choose new. To choose to love myself and to see my body in her perfection.

To feel what she lets me feel and to acknowledge that feeling SOMETHING is a gift as well. It is a gift to be connected to the people around me and to the world. It is not a thread, how many of us do believe. It is a gift to live in abundance and wealth. It is a gift to fulfill the years we have here on earth with our essence. It is our gift to the world. It is THE expression of gratitude to open up our hearts and love the whole world. No matter if we think that it is right or appropriate to be open and vulnerable like children.

And it starts with yourself. If you see your beauty, your treasure; if you love and accept yourself – others can, too. Everything can, too. It is the key to everything you ever thought you need to feel whole.

As soon as you give it to yourself you don’t need it anymore, and it will motherfucking pour into your life; you couldn´t stop it even if you tried.

I met my husband like this. I was searching for a partner really intense for one year. I did all the work during that year, and that included lots of heartbreaks and failed dates and journaling and open myself up to the wrong guys – but it was a remarkable year, because I DID finally open up after YEARS of wishing to be loved, but living in my safe cocoon not daring to take just a glimpse out.

Years of wishing to be loved but not giving myself a tiny little bit of love or support or compassion, instead judging and criticizing the hell out of me – unconsciously of course, but feeling like a human wreck, having no idea on how to make it into my 50 or 60’s or even 70’s like that. What a horrible thought to spend the rest of my life feeling trapped, wrong and disconnected. But I didn’t know better.

I had to let all of that crap go to meet my husband and be in a relationship I never even dare to think could be possible before. Maybe in fairytales, but not for me. All romantic bullshit.

I was lucky enough to get a gentle little nudge from life itself and I started to follow my desire. It was an amazing ride, but I didn’t entirely end up with the partner I wished for. And that was frustrating from time to time.

It was the day before I actually did meet him, that I made peace with myself in a hostel in Dublin. I told myself that it’s ok. I am enough. I will love and appreciate myself, even if I stay single for the rest of my life. I was in peace with being single for the first time in over a year.

I met my husband the very next night. And the next adventure began. The adventure to be in a relationship.

The point where you actually experience that everything that you thought – or rather speculated- about yourself is true – the “good” and the “bad” stuff. A partner is a mirror. That’s why so many people are afraid of committing. You see things you don’t want to see and even if we love to blame the other – our soul knows that they can only mirror ourselves.
If you open up to that, you make space for growth. Because you will be confronted with your demons AND your angels in a relationship. It is an art to accept both and change what you don’t want to keep. A relationship teaches you to forgive and to ask for forgiveness.

And the gate into this sacred space is the relationship with yourself. It is not a condition though, I am not saying that you have to fully love yourself in order to get a relationship, but being the best partner for yourself and giving yourself what you long for from others will make it a fuck ton easier for you to truly connect with another soul and provide them what they need and wish.

If you feel good in your own skin and are able to love and accept yourself and feel genuine compassion, life can only mirror that back to you in every area. It is a lifestyle from which everyone around you benefits, but mostly yourself. Your dependency and lack dissolves and makes space for peace and fulfillment. You grow strong from the inside – you don’t need to protect yourself with walls or barriers. There is enough of your soul, your spirit of your love and peace inside of you that there is no more space for negativity and drama.

You remove yourself out of negative situations quickly, without drama, without attachment. This is one of the gifts of self-acceptance and love.