Struggle or Flow – here is the one mindset shift that will help you to achieve more with less effort.


If you are a bit like me (and I believe you are, because that’s why you are reading this right now) you live your life pushed by the desire to make an impact. Always seeking ways to optimize:

  • What’s the best morning routine?
  • How can I be more efficient in my job/biz?
  • How can I get more done?
  • Be better?
  • Fly higher?

And you LOVE it.

You are living your dream.

But you tend to forget to live your life.


The result?

You feel moody, drained, exhausted and overwhelmed.

You find yourself more often with a grumpy attitude than you like to admit and these feelings slowly start to consume your energy and take over your life.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.


Society suggests, that in order to be successful we have to hustle and ignore our needs.


So we are afraid of spending time on things that truly nourish our body and soul because we believe that this time is wasted.

But the 24/7 grind is just counterproductive: Tension and resistance begin to build up.

You are NOT a robot.

Your emotions, desires, and needs are real and need to be heard and fulfilled.

To constantly ignore them eventually leads to depression and burn-out.

Time to stop and start to invest in self-care.


But wait – isn’t self-care just a wishy-washy concept in a fancy dress that doesn’t go a lot deeper than bubble baths and burning incense sticks?

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Here is how I see it:


What if this time you spend on self-care would pay off 10x of the value of the time you spend in your job or on your business feeling drained and exhausted?

Ignoring your bodies and souls needs is like pushing a balloon underwater.

It consumes the largest part of your energy and wearies you the longer you have to hold it under the surface.

Meanwhile, your needs only grow which equals more air in the balloon that you have to keep pushing under the water.

Now imagine you have to keep pushing the balloon underwater with one hand and simultaneously juggle your everyday life with the other hand.

Sounds exhausting?

It is!

But that is what you keep on doing when you don’t prioritize self-care.

So, what if you had both hands free and the balloon would instead uplift and support you?

That is what happens when you put yourself first.

If you make self-care a non-negotiable, it elevates EVERY area of your life.

So let me remind you: It is safe to put yourself first.


You don’t have to sacrifice business hours to create a self-care routine for yourself.


In fact, the time that you spend on self-care will pay off ten times in your life/job/business.

That Means:

⬆️ More Success 

⬆️ More Cash

⬆️ More Impact

⬆️ More Flow

⬆️ More Freedom

⬆️ More Fulfillment

⬆️ More Calm

With less effort.

And the best? You can choose to let go of the struggle today.

It’s in your hands.

What do you choose to put first today?

What is the one little thing that you could do for yourself today?


Let me know in the comments!


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