Fear has many faces. It comes as anxiety, worry, doubt, tension or even as a real panic. Evolutionary fear was an important instrument to keep us safe. If you walk on a cliff, for example, your fear of falling down is completely reasonable.

But in our modern world, fear is more hindering than serving for many people. It took bizarre forms, warning us from things that are neither threatening our lives nor important to help us to survive.

Fear takes its job to keep us safe, a bit too serious. It’s as if it became a bit bored in our safe world and now screams at every corner: “Hold up! You could be eaten by a bear!” Just to have a sense of purpose.

It’s a vicious cycle, because the more you listen to your fears, the stronger they become. And everybody who experienced strong fears knows that this is not a good way to live. 

I myself was suffering from panic attacks once because I gave the fears in my life way too much space. They were horrible, but they taught me to invite love back into my life. Compassion, self-love, and self-acceptance have helped me tremendously to decrease my fears. Today I live a happy life in which I determine the direction – not my fears.

My path through the fear was guided by books, which is why I want to share my 5 most favorite books with you to help you break free from fear and live a happy and soul-infused life.

Enjoy the list and please leave me a comment, if you find this helpful or if you have a book suggestion that is missing here.

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BIG MAGIC – Elizabeth Gilbert
Elizabeth Gilbert is kinda my shero since I saw the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” for the first time. I know that it’s pretty polarizing, but I certainly belong to the people who absolutely love it. I was so touched by this story and it made me feel as if she has just written it for me.
Last year she published BIG MAGIC, and I had to get it – not only because I loved the colorful cover, but because I knew the message in it will be as magical as the title suggests. And it is. Elizabeth talks about her own fear and how she overcomes it, to create such magic in her books that one of them made it be a New York Times Bestseller for almost 4 years and a super successful Hollywood movie with no one less than Julia Roberts as the lead character.
Her non-therapeutic approach to fear is such a delight and I recommend this book to everyone who is afraid of rejection or not-being-good-enough but also to get in touch with your very own BIG MAGIC. You  can buy it HERE.

JUDGMENT DETOX – Gabrielle Bernstein
This book was an eye-opener for me. I heard about the release and caught myself thinking: “I don’t have a problem with judgment. I’m pretty non-judgmental.”
Which is true in a way, but I am happy I bought it anyway because I believe that Gabby is a thought leader and that what she has to say might have an impact on my life, and I was right.
In JUDGMENT DETOX she shares that the origin of judgment is always fear, and she has an amazing approach to heal this, that she also shares in the book through exercises and meditations. I followed through with most of them and I experienced them to be incredibly liberating and powerful. It’s a great toolkit on releasing fear and inviting love into your life. You can buy it HERE.


She has also created the beautiful JUDGMENT DETOX JOURNAL to assist you in going through the exercises from the book. You can buy it HERE.

THE ARTISTS WAY – Julia Cameron

The Artists Way is has led me through the time when I published my first blog “Kaleidoscopelife” a few years back. THE ARTISTS WAY is not a conventional book about releasing fears, and you might think, that you don’t need it because you don’t consider yourself an artist. But I dare you to try it anyway.
Julia Cameron will lead you through a 12-week process to unleash your creativity and that is – if you ask me – the best antidote for fear. Creativity sources in love and fear can not survive in the face of love. Besides, being creative, even if you don’t want to make a profession out of it, is one of the most fulfilling things we can do as a human being because we are created to be creative and all of us are in our unique ways – yes, you too! Buy the book HERE.


Julia also created a workbook to support you in the 12-week process. You can buy it HERE.

LET IT OUT – Katie Dalebout
If you know me, you know that I enthusiastically love journaling. It is an amazing tool that is helpful with almost everything you could be bothered with from an emotional, mental or psychological perspective.
In my journals, I have processed, reframed and created almost everything that my life is today. Journaling has transitioned me from being an extra to being the director of my own life. I think journaling is especially helpful with fears because the only thing you have to trust and open up to is the paper. The paper will never reject or judge you and that is comforting to know, especially when you are just starting out on releasing your fears. I know that because journaling has helped me personally with my panic attacks when I felt unable to share these emotions with other people and so has it for Katie Dalebout – the author of LET IT OUT.
She shares how she overcame her fears with journaling, and she has put together over 50 powerful tools that will help you to do the same in your journal. Get the book HERE.


FUCK IT! – John C. Parkin
FUCK IT is another unconventional approach to fear. It will show you how incredibly liberating it is, to just show them the middle finger and throw a full spirited “Fuck It!” at them. FUCK IT is not a tool or technique, it is a lifestyle that will help you to get over your fears through not taking them seriously anymore.
John C. Parking had a breakdown himself and found after a while that the best way to get over his anxiety and worry is not to care too much. Which will create space to care about the things that are REALLY important to you.
I personally read it about 3 times, and I am again and again impressed about the humor and ease he has put into this book. Delightful! You can buy it HERE.