The 8 Best Self-Care Tips For Bad Days – With An Extra Tip At The End That You Will Love! 

Sometimes we just have a bad day, and I’m sure you experienced this yourself.

Yesterday was such an awful day for me. I was feeling physically drained and at the same time had trouble to relax, because my mind was restless and running in circles.

I knew I needed a break, so I zoned out with Netflix for a while, took a nap and had a Thai food takeout dinner with my hubby.

Meanwhile, I was cocooning on my couch I actually got inspired to gather the best self-care tips for bad days. 

So I asked around, did some research and today I want to share the results with you!

(Hint: Helping others actually boosts your mood and raises your confidence. So if you find yourself in a bad state, maybe you can help someone else and so create a win-win situation for you both.)

Self-Care Tips: Before you pick something


First thing you should do is to tune in: What do you really need? How do you feel? The following tips can be roughly divided into calming and activating, so it is important that you first figure out what you need. Then go from there and choose intuitively.

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1. Take A Nap

You knew this would come, right? But it is true: Only 30 minutes sleep will regenerate your brain and bring you back into a more energized and clear state. If you have the time and feel like it is necessary, let your body rest as long as needed. Sleep deprivation is the number one reason for anxiety, depression and physical illnesses.  Listen to your body and give yourself time to recharge.

2. Meditation And Prayer

Meditation and prayer are like a reset button for your mind. If you find yourself restless, anxious or worried, sit down in stillness for a moment and pray or meditate. Calm your mind and ask for what you need right now. For example:

“Dear God/Universe/Higher Self, please help me to let go of everything that doesn’t serve me any longer. I choose to feel good and see clearly.”

Or just sit silently, focus on your breath, feel the sensations in your body, acknowledge the thoughts in your mind and then let them go like little clouds.

Close with both hands on your heart and a smile.

3. Take A Mindful Walk

Gently moving your body outside is a great way to calm your mind and recharge your batteries. Observe the surrounding nature – the ducks on the pond, birds in the trees, and the clouds in the sky. Use all your senses, touch some plants, pick up a stone, hear the bees and smell the air. Being in the moment and connected to nature releases tension and anxiety.

Extra Tip: Leave your phone at home and/or take your journal with you!

4. The Energy Shower Practice

Sometimes it just needs a simple shower to get you back on track. Let the water run down on your body and imagine how it cleanses the negative energy and flushes it down the drain. At the same time, see the water filling you up with sparkling, new and fresh energy.

Or just relax with your favorite audiobook in the bathtub. Bath salts or scrubs are amazing to help you transform negative energies, nourish your skin, and lift your mood with added essential oils.

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5. Moving Energies

Sometimes a walk is not enough. Grab your sneakers and go for a run or go biking in the woods. Hit the gym or do some yoga. You can also try some Qi Gong. It is a really soft form of exercising that helps you to balance your energies.

Here is a cool YouTube Video for beginners:

6. Declutter And Clean

Decluttering or just tidying up the kitchen can help you to unclutter your mind, too. You move your body, distract yourself from overthinking and create a clean space around you. Win/win/win!

7. Bulletproof Coffee

This self-care tip caught my attention because it is unusual, but you really need to try it (if you like coffee):

Brew your regular cup of coffee and then add a tablespoon of butter in it. Blend it for ten seconds and avoid eating bread through the day. 

This so called “Bulletproof Coffee” was created for a ketogenic diet, but it has shown some real benefits for your mental health, too.
If you want to know more, read this article:

8. Journaling

Sit down with your journal and freewrite for 5 minutes what is going on on your mind. This braindump allows you to see more clearly, organize your thoughts and create a clean slate in your mind.

If you want, you can then continue to write how you actually want to feel right now.

You can also download the 20 best inspirational journaling prompts to help you shift back into a happy mental state below! 

Extra Tip: Dark Chocolate

Don’t feel bad about cocooning on the couch with some chocolate. It has great benefits for your body and brain. Dark chocolate is good against depression and uplifts your mood.
Even better: Dark chocolate with nuts or almonds, because they provide healthy B-Vitamins which support your nervous system.