Are you longing for fulfilment, deeper connections and your true soulful self?

Break free from your limitations today because no matter what, YOU hold the power! 

Imagine a life where you have everything you’ve ever dreamt of – without losing what you’ve already built.

  • Do you feel like you’ve tried everything in the book for that feeling of fulfilment, but nothing seems to stick? 
  • Do you constantly feel like you’re burning the candle at both ends but at the same time, not doing enough? 
  • Or have you simply lost yourself in the process of trying to build the life you always thought you SHOULD have (but not the one you actually WANT TO have)? 
  • Are you ready to courageously step into your own power, but don’t know where to begin?

If you resonate with any of the things I mentioned above, then together, we can fix THE ROOT this problem.

Here’s your chance to break free from the vicious cycle of trying to fit into other people’s expectations…, because girl, you know you’ve got what it takes, but you’ve just been investing your energy at things that are just not for you!

Decode the secrets to living a more fulfilled, liberated life with the “Liberation Codes Workbook”, because you deserve nothing but the absolute best life that is in full alignment with what your soul actually came here to be!

With this fillable workbook you have The Liberation Codes always ready in your pocket!

Imagine if you could:

  • Turn lifelong Frustrations into Proactive Steps: Channel your worries into meaningfully aligned actions that bring you closer and closer to the version of you who has it all. 

  • Discover Your Inner Strength: Recognize and leverage your inherent power and potential, shaping a life that transcends all challenges into chances for growth

  • Live Beyond Limitations: Don’t let fear hold you back. Rediscover and pursue the dreams and aspirations and become really f*cking comfortable at stretching your own comfort zone – again and again.

  • Personalise Your Approach: Develop your unique roadmap by devising strategies and visions to bring THE SPARK back into YOUR life.

How would it feel to be HER?


The Liberation Codes

Decode the secrets to living a liberated and empowered life

In this workbook you find my distilled wisdom of how to turn your life from “looks nice to others” to “feels like an absolute wildfire to ME”

Liberate yourself from conditioning and conformity, align with your authentic self and manifest your soul vision so that you can be the QUEEN that you are!






I’ve carefully curated this exercise around 4 codes that I use for my 1:1 sessions. If you are already successful, but feel like you want: more freedom, a different career, more time with your family, a new relationship, marriage, kids…. it can be scary. You might feel like you’ll lose what you have or that it is impossible to get what you want. Let me tell you, that’s not true and I’m here to help you unlearn these patterns of doubting yourself. 


With these 4 codes You will be able to:

  • Learn to let go of old, stuck patterns and have more and more confidence to really live your visions and dreams.
  • Understand the importance of prioritising your own happiness. 
  • Get to know yourself better, and what you’re worth. 
  • How you can embrace your own power and know what you’re capable of.
  • Achieve the freedom you’ve been longing without burning down the life you’ve built for yourself.


Give yourself grace and a head start! 

Liberation codes are designed to help you take a deep dive into things that you’ve never talked about or ever thought of and those are the exact things that are stopping you from liberating yourself. 

Here’s a sneak peak into the book:

Are you ready to become HER?

There are no shortcuts! 

Just long-term solutions where you, yourself with your true mindset and commitment to self development can change your circumstances


This workbook is the only workbook you need for self-awareness, clarity, and empowerment. Imagine waking up feeling confident, lighter and ready to enjoy life? 

What’s the Liberation Codes Workbook: 

  • It consists of 4 chapters that are designed to help you be your best self, from start to end it’s all about empowerment, no more wasting time in wrong situations! 
  • Comes with 1 Bonus Chapter and 2 Bonus Visualisation Exercises
  • It has stunning visuals, as beautiful as you are. 
  • It’s a fillable PDF so that you’re more aware of your thoughts and be able to process them better by writing your heart out. . 
  • You can re-use it as many times as you need, every time with a more liberated version of yourself. 
  • And here’s the best part, this is the exact process that I use with my 1:1 clients with the price tag of a sauna visit.

This workbook is a journey designed to help you feel in control again, be liberated , and actively embrace your authenticity, cultivate self-love and acceptance.

Step into a life and career that is aligned with your true desires and values. 

The Liberation Codes Workbook is not for you if:

  • You are looking for a quick fix
  • You aren’t willing to do some serious introspection
  • You don’t want to write and follow the exercises
  • You’re not ready to take action on your desires

FAQ: The Liberation Codes Workbook

Is The Liberation Codes Workbook available in a physical format?

No, The Liberation Codes Workbook is a digital product and is available for download as a PDF file. You’ll receive instant access to the workbook upon purchase.

What is included in The Liberation Codes Workbook?

The workbook consists of 48 beautifully designed, fillable pages featuring four liberation codes, numerous journal prompts, exercises, and three bonuses, including a “Meet Your Liberated Self” visualisation.

How do I access The Liberation Codes Workbook after purchase?

Upon purchase, you’ll receive a download link to access The Liberation Codes Workbook immediately. You can download the PDF file to your computer or mobile device for easy access.

Can I fill out The Liberation Codes Workbook on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can fill out The Liberation Codes Workbook on your mobile phone using a PDF reader app such as Adobe Reader. Please note that the PDF file needs to be fillable, and using a compatible app ensures a seamless experience.

Is The Liberation Codes Workbook suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! The workbook is designed to guide individuals of all levels through a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Whether you’re new to personal development or have prior experience, you’ll find valuable insights and tools within its pages.

Are there any additional resources included with The Liberation Codes Workbook?

Yes, The Liberation Codes Workbook comes with three bonuses, including a “Meet Your Liberated Self” visualisation, designed to enhance your experience and deepen your understanding of the liberation process.

What if I have questions or need support while using The Liberation Codes Workbook?

If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support team at We’re here to help and ensure you have a positive experience with The Liberation Codes Workbook.

What can I expect after working through The Liberation Codes Workbook?

After working through The Liberation Codes Workbook, you can expect to experience a profound sense of self-awareness, clarity, and empowerment. By delving deep into the liberation codes and completing the journal prompts and exercises, you’ll gain valuable insights into your true self and unlock the tools needed to live a liberated and empowered life.

Additionally, you may experience increased confidence, resilience, and a greater sense of alignment with your purpose and values. The workbook serves as a catalyst for transformation, guiding you on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth that can have lasting positive effects on all aspects of your life.