The Power Of Giving Yourself Permission To Manifest Everything You Truly Desire


Are you still lingering in the shadow of your existence wishing for more beautiful things but somehow it never happens for you?

Allow yourself to be awesome.

Allow yourself to expand like a mofo.

Allow yourself to be everything that you are and allow yourself to be/ do/have what you always wanted.

Creating (or manifesting) your dreams by ALLOWING yourself to have them is an essential step in the process.


Have you considered allowing yourself to have that fulfilling relationship?

Or the thriving business?

The soulmate clients?

The money?

Go traveling?

Did you check in with yourself and give yourself permission to manifest what you really want?

That’s crucial, you know.

If you skip that step, you will feel stuck wishing for it.

You wish so much for the thing you want.

Maybe you journal about it, think about it, dream about it, talk about it – but something doesn’t seem to work out all the time.

Something is off.

Something always seems to push it back.

It’s not even coming close to you.


You think and try to wish even stronger for it; maybe your desires were not strong enough, maybe you didn’t ask for it enough, maybe just a little bit more dedication to it will finally bring you what you want.

Or you give up.

“Nope, it’s not mine, fuck it, I’m out. G’bye.”

Both not necessary.

Because the gap that is not closing, the bridge from here to what you wish for so much is: Permission.


If you gave yourself and the universe permission already, it would have come to you instantly.


Because everything that you could ever want or need is there already, it can appear in a second in front of you.

Do you ever experience thinking about someone and then they call? Or that you wanted a drink and then you’re offered one? Or that you wish you had headphones then you find some?  

That’s instant manifestation, and you allow yourself to have it. Nothing inside of you resists you to have it because there is no potential danger in receiving it.

That’s what is blocking you.

It’s not a block.

It’s you allowing the things to appear in your life.

It’s you allowing yourself to experience infinite love, abundance or the rafting tour in Canada.

A block is not something that’s looking like legos or a dark wall between you and what you want, it’s merely you holding the door closed because you don’t allow it to come in.

If you permit yourself to enter, if you let go of the doorknob and open the door it finds it’s way quickly into your world.  

So how do you give yourself permission, you ask?

Do you really think there is a science behind it?

Because there is not.

How do you allow guests to enter your house?

You invite them, and then you let them in when they arrive.

It’s the same with your desires.

Invite them – you know that I love journaling and I totally recommend that you grab a pen and paper and write a nice and neat invitation for what you want – that avoids misunderstandings and is a nice gesture and ritual. Our subconscious mind loves rituals because it works like a child.

And then CONSCIOUSLY allow them to come in.


Give yourself permission to receive.



I allow myself to have ________.

I give myself permission to receive ___________.

And then?

Observe what comes up.

Do you feel resistance?

Do you hear yourself say:

“No, I can’t because that’s too much!”

“Who am I to have that?”

“Maybe X will get mad at me.”

And so on.


Write it down and reframe that shit!

Why do you think do you not allow yourself to have something?

Because a part of you has something against it:

That part thinks something bad happens when you have it.

It thinks you are not worthy of having it.

It is afraid you can’t handle what is coming to you.

Maybe you tell yourself, that you can not have a relationship because you are bad for others.

Or that it won’t last anyway and you are afraid of being hurt again.

Or you don’t feel worthy of a relationship and rather stay safe without even approaching one.


Tell yourself a new story!


These fears and limiting beliefs are never true.

There are enough people in loving relationships – after their hearts were broken and all.

So if it is hard for you to believe something better – search for proof.

You will always find proof, that’s for sure.

And then allow yourself to have it.

If someone else can have it, then you can, too.

No one on this planet is better or more deserving than the other.

We are the same and we all can have the same if we just allow ourselves to have it.


Say it with me:

I allow myself to be ________!!!

I allow myself to have _________!!!

I allow myself to experience _______!!!


Write it down, feel it in your body, feel it flowing through you.

Take 5 minutes every morning to give yourself permission for whatever you want or need from the day, write it down, set your intention to receive it, keep your eyes and heart open and FEEL it in your body.

Feel the energy of








Feel it in your body.

That’s creation from the inside out 101.

That’s how you call in what is yours.