The secret to create RADICAL and LASTING change in your life is probably not quite what you thought it is.


You probably think you need a magic formula or a permission slip from god.

Maybe you even believe that you can not change your life on purpose or even the way YOU WANT IT TO BE. But that’s bullshit and you maybe extensively triggerd when i tell you that it’s actually pretty easy. That’s ok, you don’t have to believe it. But believe me: what i am going to tell you is worth a try.


Here it is:

Do what makes you f*cking happy. Now. Right away. And then again, and again and again…

It doesn’t matter if it is knitting or breeding goldfish. Doing yoga, painting, crafting, cooking, sitting and staring at the sky – or whatever… just do it more often! Nothing is too pointless, childish or crazy.

Honor yourself Take the time for yourself. You have the right to be happy. You have the right to be yourself, enjoy yourself and to do what makes you feel just freaking amazing.

You will get to know yourself better and (attention: win-win!) will feel more self determination and freedom when you finally do what you really want, what feeds your soul and makes you blossom.


One thing is certain: Nobody else will do it for you.


Nobody will ever give you permission for it. EVER.

The only person who can give you this permission is YOU.

Change begins with YOU DOING things differently.

With you actually doing the things YOUR SOUL LONGS FOR.

And you create that change on purpose by finding out where you want to go and take action on it.

What action do you ask?



Do something that you never did before (or that you didn’t do in a long time)! 



Do it for you. Make a date out of it. Nothing is too crazy. Give this gift to you and then do it again and again and again. Journal about your experiences if you like. 

When your mind is calling in with it’s clever advices, like “what will xyz think” or “are you crazy to spend that money on THIS” or “that’s only for children or irresponseable people” or “—insert your very own broken record here—” – hear it’s concerns, but don’t IDENTIFY with it.

It will ALWAYS have something to say. It only wants to keep you safe and unseen and that’s very kind but is not working for you anymore. 

So instead of listening to it’s bullshit any longer, say: “Thank you mind for your comment, but i’m gonna do it anyway because i want to.”.



Stretch your comfortzone by taking ACTION.



I promise you: You WILL FEEL AMAZING and liberated after you allowed yourself to do/be/have what you always wanted.

And you gonna want more!