The Secret To Experiencing Abundance Is To Stop Making Everything So Difficult


Abundance and wealth are there for everybody.


They are like love, they never run out, and they are there for everybody equally.

You don’t have to reach them. You are already unbelievable wealthy.

You carry all the wealth, all the abundance, all the love already inside of you.

It’s crazy, but as soon as you realize that, ingrain that, you don’t need wealth in the outside anymore.

Everything is inside of you.


I had a flash of creativity around this topic this morning.


I was sitting in my bed, writing my morning journal – as always – and I felt incredibly abundant.

I realized, really realized that abundance is everywhere. I mean, many people say it, I heard it a million times, it is true for me in relationships and love – but now I believed it, I felt it on a much deeper level than ever.

I know it is true and I know I have to share it. It can’t be shared often enough, and that’s why I am writing it down: Abundance is fucking everywhere, abundance is you!

You ARE motherfucking abundance, your existence alone is proof of the incredible wealth that is flowing through and ingrained in everything that is on this planet.

There was a time in my life when I saw everything through the eyes of lack.

And it’s just a habit.

We are trained to see what we see.


And the filters are endless. My personal filter was one of lack mostly.


There was never enough of anything.

I thought I couldn’t find a partner because there are not enough.

I believed I couldn’t have money because there is not enough or it will always slip through my fingers.

A lack thinking, a lack mindset also leads to overweight – which is curious at first, but makes sense:  Your body accumulates unnecessary fat, just because you believe that there is not enough to come by.

I observed myself, and I tend to overeat out of a feeling that there will never again be food for me.

Sounds familiar?

Of course it does. The vast majority of the planet still lives in lack.

I sincerely believe that this is about to shift and people like us are the pioneers who bring this message into every corner of humankind.

So, how can you shift out of lack?


Count your blessings every day.


Sounds simple?

It is simple!

Too simple?

Definitely not.

The most amazing things in this world aren’t complicated.

We love to think that, but they are not.

Love is not complicated.

Relationships are not complicated.

Wealth is not complicated.

Being in shape is not complicated.

All of the above – and much more – are our natural states.

It costs much more effort to be OUT of these states then to be IN.


We unlearned to be in these states and we adopted the common belief that these things are “hard to get” and if you do get them then they’re hard to maintain.


But I think everybody wants to be back in these natural states that we were in when we came to this world.

That’s what forms our desires: the desire for a loving relationship, for money, for a healthy and strong body for example.

If you follow your desires, they lead you back into your natural states.

You start to search on the outside for them, just to then realize you always WERE them.

Because we want to be back in our natural states and so we follow our desires (well, some of us, because still too many believe they don’t have the right to do so)  but we buy into the belief that it’s complicated or hard to get them.

And so we make it complicated and hard to prove our beliefs right.

We make relationships complicated.

We make it hard to attract a partner.

We put fucking effort into being in shape and healthy.

We make it hard and almost unreachable to be rich, abundant, wealthy.

Where’re these things, our natural states, don’t require that.


It’s ironic that I tell you that after I put so many years of effort into building my lifestyle how it is – and getting more and more back into my natural states by doing so.


And it gets indeed easier and easier the longer you practice.

I, for instance, lift my beautiful butt out of my warm and cozy bed where my adorable husband embodies the cuteness and warmth and masculine beauty meanwhile he silently sleeps by my side… I’d love to stay there. It is the most comfortable and safe place in the world. And I do stay there on weekends. But during the week, I get the fuck up – at 5 am.

And that’s ironic because one of my motivations to become an entrepreneur was NOT to be forced out of bed early anymore.

But since I got out of my comfort zone (literally!) – miracle after miracle happens for me after I do my work in these early hours of the day.

And now I love it. I like to be creative and have a place of rest and stillness meanwhile everyone else is rushing to work.

I love to pour my heart and soul into written words each morning.

I dreamed of being an author since I was nine years old.

Now I fucking do it.

It was so easy, all of this time.

I just didn’t see it.

I didn’t believe it is possible for me.

But I am not suggesting that you should get up at 5 am to live your dream.

I think there are many ways to experience the essence of what is right for you.


My point is: we make things hard that don’t have to be hard.


But by relaxing into life, by allowing life to float through you, inspire you and touch you-you open yourself up to the universal life force, you open yourself up for what really counts.

Things that seemed to be hard are not anymore.

Speaking to hot guys instead of watching them from a distance.

Following your passions instead of sitting on the couch watching tv or staying in bed.

Eating what you love and staying slim.

Working out and sweating like a mofo and feeling pumped instead of being drained only by walking over to the supermarket.

All of it will flow naturally if you allow it to.

It is your choice that makes the difference.

And you can support your choice through counting your blessings each day.

Make it a habit, a practice to write down each day:

what you have

what you are

and what you are thankful for.

Try to write down five things under each category.

I write one page of each before I get out of bed in the morning.

Call me crazy or a maniac, but doing this changed my life massively.

The emotions I  feel into while I am writing are great.

By writing three pages of affirmations and ‘I AM…’ statements, I stay in that high vibe feeling for at least 20 minutes while I am writing.

Then I start my day in this state.

And that makes a difference.

But please don’t expect yourself to do the same right away.

I have years of practice.

I remember my first attempts to get up earlier to write – it was horrible, and a struggle and the only things I brought onto my morning pages were:

I am tired. I have a headache. I want to sleep. Fuck my life. It is too early…

So please don’t beat yourself up if your first attempts look like that.

Consistency will bear its fruits.

Just keep going, don’t judge.

Read more about my morning practice here:

And to count your blessings every day, you make a conscious choice of seeing and experiencing abundance.

This choice will move mountains.