Does your life sometimes feel more like a prison then an enjoyable & beautiful ride?


Did life just happen and left you overwhelmed and without knowing where to go next?

You do hundrets of things every day, but there is nothing that feeds your soul?

You can not fall asleep at night because your life simply no longer feels right and you wonder if that was all there is for you.

It feels like a train on the wrong track. You race at high speed to get there – but you do not know where you are going. You see the beautiful landscape just as something blurry passing by.


Hold on!


If you are feeling trapped in a maze of obligations, things, and relations that will only rob you of the very last nerve.

If you have a dream, but no idea if or how to ever fulfill it.

If you lie awake at night and ask yourself when your life is finally going to really begin.


Then this 11 day Transformational Experience Email Series is designed for you!


It is a guide to yourself with the exact steps for a free, self-determined and happy life.


I followed them, and I still do. Every day anew.


You will…

  • Feel relief on many levels
  • Let go of old blocks and habits that don’t serve you anymore
  • Get clear on what you really want and gain the confidence to move towards it
  • Experience a new kind of freedom and satisfaction every day in your life
  • Gain back your power and be 100% unapologetically YOU



It is NOT a quick overnight thing.

It is a process you have to be ready to initiate.

The results will be deeply transformative and lasting if you are ready to fully commit to yourself and do the work!


Own your power and live life in the most amazing and satisfying ways


Sign up for this FREE 11 day Experience now.

It won’t be available for free forever, because it’s content is so comprehensive and the results are so good.

It is actually a Mini Program and will be sold as such soon.

But now it’s still a gift for you to enjoy and use!

Just sign up and you get the steps straight into your inbox every 2 days.

I left 2 days between the emails to leave you enough time to really deep dive and work through the content.

If you sign up now you will have the content forever so you can work through it and get back to it as many times as you want.


Break free of conformity and sparkle in your brightest colours!

Do you want to accelerate your Transformation?


Then I have an amzing gift for you!

The 1 hour Breakthrough Intensive is the best addition for the 11 Day Transformational Email Series and is perfectly customized for your needs.

When you sign up for the Email Series you get the one time chance to book your Breakthrough Intensive for

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You get one hour of private coaching with me PLUS a personal 20 Minute Follow up Session for only 200$!

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I can’t wait to see you thrive!


I love you!


  • You will get the Link for your one time offer of $200 for the Breakthrough Intensive instead of the regular $250 after you signed up for the FREE 11 Day Transformational Experience Email Series.

Hi, I’m Linda!

I’m an intuitive transformational Coach and I help women create a reality that perfectly reflects their amazingness.

I’m sure that as soon as we accept and learn to fully express ourselves changes on a deep and lasting level will take place.

When you don’t have to prove anything to anyone anymore you are able to enjoy yourself and your life massively.

I came a long way from being bullied at work – even  from my own boss, having boring, draining relationships and an half ass miserable life to live my true passions every day and wake up with a smile on my face.

It’s not always sugar and rainbows so I create and hold massive space for you to explore yourself and open up, feel what is there and finally recognize what was always true:


It’s time to not give a fuck any longer and deep dive into your live. You only have one!