Here is what i have to say to you today: Self care is NOT selfish.


If you are able to give to yourself, you are able to give to others.

If you give to others you will get it back.

If you get it back it will fulfill you even more.

You will experience gratitude and you give more to others, because your cup is full and it’s natural for us humans to share.

If you share more with others, others will share more with you.

You will experience more and more miracles in your life.

A stranger pays your coffee.

Somebody picks up the key behind you that dropped out of your pocket and gives it back to you.

The old lady you meet tells you an amazing and heart-warming story that she experienced in her life and you see her soul shining through her eyes meanwhile she speaks.

You feel her joy.

All this connection and sympathy fulfills you even more.

You feel uplifted and deeply happy and you want to share it with others.

You smile at random people on the street, just because you feel so good.

The people you smile at recognize you and your open and radiant energy.

They feel better, immediately.

Maybe some of them long for a bit of human connection.

Maybe one of them is depressed AF and you literally save his life with your smile.

You never know who you encounter.

You never know who needs you.

But it all starts with you being good to yourself.

Fill your cup first.


You can not serve out of an empty jar.


Start today.

Start now.

Stop what ever you were doing, take a few deep breaths and ask yourself:

What do i need today?

What can i do right now to feel better?

Sometimes it’s just small things.

Adjust your body when you are sitting long hours at work.

Stretch your neck.

Eat a piece of chocolate.

Don’t eat another piece of chocolate.

Take a nap.

Or a walk.

Text that guy.

Break up with that guy.

Whatever it is:

Do it.


Make it a practice to fill your very own cup with goodness every day.


Fulfilled people don’t fight.

Fulfilled and mindful people don’t produce drama.

Eventually self care is anything than SELFISH.

It is essential for the wellbeing of our WHOLE EFFING PLANET.

“If you want to save the world, save yourself.”

When you give yourself permission to care about your soul, your wellbeing and your happiness; you elevate everything that is around you automatically with you.


Ripple effect, you know.

So, place your hands on your heart, take a deep breath and say it with me:

I allow myself to grow.

I allow myself to pursue my dreams.

I allow myself to be happy.

I allow myself to BE myself.

I allow myself to RISE UP.