You can learn to trust, because trust is a choice – not a condition.


Does trusting others and circumstances come naturally to you? Or do you believe trust has to be earned by others?

If it’s the latter for you because you want proof that a situation is safe before you act then I’m going to guess you are disappointed on a regular basis.

Could I be right?

Well, if not, if you feel great in your shell where everyone and everything has to prove itself to you before you let it in – enjoy living that way.  

And don’t waste your time by reading further.

But don’t complain that your life tastes a bit bitter.

Like chewing on paper.

Don’t complain about how much you missed out in life when it’s too late.

You had the choice!


But if you DO sense that something could be wrong with your views and things just don’t happen like you want or expect them to – read further.


Change is possible.

It could even be EASY.

If you want it to be.

Many of us have such a distorted relationship with trust.

We are taught to believe that we have to control everything.

That we are in command about our outcomes.

If you want to achieve this, you have to do that.

If you want to have that, you have to do this.

But what we forget, is that our world is much bigger than that.

When was the last time that you did all the necessary things – but didn’t get what you wanted?

You did all the things to attract clients for your new business or the guy you’re into.

But crickets.

Nobody came.

And you were wondering: “What the fuck did I did wrong here???”

What was missing?

I can tell you right here and right now: Trust.



You can DO everything, but when you do not trust that what you want or need will happen – it won’t.

You can follow all the steps experts recommend – if you don’t have faith that things will happen FOR you – they won’t.

All these annoying trust issues are deeply intertwined with a sense of worthiness.

It’s all down in the root chakra (for those of you interested).

It is the root of our life, the first cause if you want so, the first thing that – if we are aligned – causes that nothing can stop us. Ever.

As a baby you trusted.

You trusted that everything that you needed would be given to you. You had no other choice.

But at one point in life, you learned that trust is dangerous.

That it will be broken.

That you don’t get what you need.

That you will be left alone.

That you don’t get the attention or love you crave.

And after you suffered, you learned that you are in control of receiving those things that you want and need.

That you can manipulate them.

And it served you many, many years.

You became an expert at manipulating and controlling.

But now no more.

It doesn’t work anymore.

You realize that something in your life is profoundly wrong.

You feel like you are floating like a leaf in the river and life is pushing you around at its will.

You don’t trust that things work out FOR you.

Maybe it’s because you don’t feel worthy of things being easy for you.

Maybe it’s because you just can’t imagine that there is something bigger than you that wants the best for you.

Even if it’s JUST your own higher self that is guiding you – if you would only let it.

If you only would listen.

If you only would relax and hear it’s message.

If you would only let go of the belief that only you are in charge.

If you only would trust, that trust is NOT dangerous.

That it is a gift.

It is the greatest gift you can make yourself and others.


Imagine just for one second how it would feel if you had full trust that your biggest problem would be solved for you – the only thing you have to do is follow your gut.


How does that feel?




Do I sense a tiny little bit of joy, too?

Could it be THAT easy?

It could.

It can.


And it’s not.

Our mind makes it a complicated thing.

“How can I trust?” It says.” I don’t see proof for that I can trust!”

Sounds familiar?

Of course it does!

We all know that sound.

Our mind is not made to trust.

But we ARE.

I will tell you a secret now.

It is the fastest way to learn how to trust.

Trust first – then look for the proof.

It is the famous “Jump and the net will appear” theory.

Now, I am certainly NOT encouraging you to jump from anything high and expect a net to appear.

Please don’t.

Trust is not stupidity.

But I encourage you to try it with everyday things.

Things you can get easy behind.

Trust that you get your favorite parking spot.

Trust that the grumpy lady in your favorite coffee shop has a good day today.

Trust that your favorite chocolate is in stock this time.

And so on.

Start with little, everyday things.

Expect miracles.

Experience miracles!

And then start to trust the bigger things BEFORE they appear to be solved for you.

Yes, it is THAT easy to train your trust muscle.

Oh and what if the thing that you trusted will happen DON’T?

Choose to trust again.

It will happen.

That’s when you start to build REAL FAITH.

Keep on going.

Trust that if it didn’t happen this time, it is for the BETTER.

Something BETTER is coming your way.

Repeat this mantra:

“Everything is happening FOR me. I choose to trust.”

Write it on your hand.

On your mirror.

Use it as a screensaver on your phone.

Every day until you believe.

You will see proof for what you believe.

It will change your life.

It will never be the same.

It’s like you switched the channel from good old analogue TV to Full HD super LED with all extras.

More colors.

More taste.

More excitement.

Trust me!