It is not about what you THINK you can have.


It never was.

It is about what you WANT.

Did you hear that a hundred times and want to scroll away like

“Yeah Linda, boooring! Come up with something new, please.”


Did you really let it sink in yet?

Do you really feel what it is about?

Do you BELIEVE you can have what you want?

Or do you believe that maybe everybody else can have what they want – but not you.

You are the exception.

But that’s not true, honey.

You CAN.

I once thought i could never have an amazing partner.

And yet, i do.

Even better than i could ever have imagined.

I thought i could never be an entrepreneur.

And yet, here we are.

I never could have imagined that people once will read my stuff, back in the days when i filled notebook after notebook meanwhile i was in class as a teenager and should have paid attention to maths or what ever other subjects they told us would matter so much in our lives.


Here we are.


See, it was never about what i THOUGHT i could have, but what i really WANTED and BELIEVED was meant for me.


But that didn’t come natural.

At least not for me and so i can understand when you think i am nuts to tell you that you actually can have what you want.

But again:

You totally can have what you want.

And you MUST have what you want.


Oh yes, i repeat: you MUST HAVE WHAT YOU WANT.

And we are not talking about wanting things you think you should have/do/be.

We’re talking about what your soul silently is whispering to you since the day you were born.

We’re talking about what got you so excited as a child.

What always came easily for you.

So easy, that you probably fell for one of the biggest lies there is: if it’s too easy it has no worth.


It has to be hard.


No no no.

I think that’s like the worst thing that happend to us as humanity that we actually believed this shit.

It’s time to wake up.

Look, writing is easy for me.

It always was.

I never could have imagined someone someday would pay me for it because honestly – i actually enjoy it.

I love writing, so who would pay me for that?

If you believe it has to be hard, than that is the only conclusion.

But my life taught me different.

People DO pay me for writing and they love what i do for them.

Of course they do, because i love it.

Same with helping people.

I am amazing at helping people.

I always created a fast shift for all of my friends or random people who been in crisis.

I never thought it would actually a thing to build a business around.

To BE that messenger, that vessel for the people.

To create the space for them.

And yet here we are.

But not long ago i couldn’t belive it, because it was too easy.

Waaayyy too easy.

And that’s why i am convinced that we HAVE TO do/be/have what we want the most:

Because eventually you help others with it – and yourself.


Just imagine for one second everybody would drop that believe that it has to be hard and do what they love doing only.


What comes easy for them.

Would there still be drama and fight?

And again: i’m talking about soul driven desires here – not what the mind thinks it should want, like beating up your neighbour for whatever he did and stuff like that.


I’m talking about desires from the soul.

The voice of your heart.

Can you feel it?

So i encorage you: search your soul for your desires and allow them to come up.

It is the biggest lie that you have to fight to stay alive.

We can be in peace AND survive.

It doesn’t even make sense to fight to stay alive – because one will always loose the fight.

Even when you fight inside yourself.

There is always a looser.

Think about it.

Drop your weapons and allow yourself to flourish.

Be what is true for you.

Allow yourself to have what you desire.

Allow yourself to do what you long to do.

It’s not wrong.

It’s the only thing that’s real.