Your Way VS. The Right Way – Why Authenticity Always Wins

Is it important for you to do things THE RIGHT way? Or do you allow yourself to do it YOUR way? I found myself wanting to redesign my website recently but procrastinated it day by day.

I couldn’t really grasp why I was pushing it off all the time until it hit me. I caught myself thinking:

I really need to do it the RIGHT way this time.


It clicked and I immediately knew why I was pushing it off all the time.

» I tried to do it the RIGHT way.

» Well, there is no RIGHT way.

» There is only YOUR way.

I thought about the purpose I have with the page, which is connecting with my audience on a soul level and giving you value, make you feel like someone understands you beyond words and help you to get through your shit.

And that’s all there is to know.

You don’t need to know much more, than your intention around the things you do. Then, the way will reveal itself to you.

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If you know Brené, you know about the value in her research about shame and vulnerability. And if you don’t know her: Now is the time!

The Gifts Of Imperfection by Brené Brown.
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My new favorite in terms of just being myself despite what everyone else thinks. Love his Humor!

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson.
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This is not the average self-help book. It is a magical story that had a deep impact on my own life.
Must read!

Life’s Golden Ticket by Brandon Burchard.
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The Art Of Authenticity

When you try to do things the right way, you will end up confused (because there are a million ways and all of them are right for someone) and you drift away from your own soul — which will make you feel unhappy and tensed.

So, there is only one right way: Your Authentic Way.

Allow yourself to walk where no one walked before you.

Listen to your inner compass of something feeling right (not necessarily comfortable).

And then make your intention your north star guiding you the direction.

You can never fail with that.

Release all the other bullshit and travel your route.

It is incredibly liberating to realize, that you have all the answers already inside of you.

To help you find YOUR WAY and live authentic I have created the ebook course “Bye, Bye Bullshit!”.

It is a 6 step process that is designed to help you let go of all the noise, deeply connect with your own inner guidance to unleash your soul and being comfortable doing things YOUR WAY.

It is packed with journal prompts and exercises and comes with a bonus video training on how to deeply connect with your own intuition.

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