5 Everyday Tips To Build Up Your Confidence

5 Everyday Tips To Build Up Your Confidence   Do you ever feel invisible? In the restaurant when the waiter seems to just not notice you at all or at your job when others get promotions and raises and you can only watch them passing by? Do you feel insecure when...

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About Fears – How to Let Go of Them Fast!

About fears - and how to let go of them fast.   What is it that you fear most right this second? Maybe it’s that you can not pay the bills or that you will stay forever alone? But do you know what the weird thing is with these fears? They are not fucking real....

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Do You Love Your Comfort Zone?

Because sometimes you just have to step out of your comfort zone to experience true miracles.   I am in Dublin right now and it's just the beginning of my trip through Ireland. It's the 3rd day, exactly, but I am already filled up by such incredible amazingness....

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How To Call in Your Desires, No Matter What That Is

Today i have a powerful exercise for you.   In my last post "Why you MUST have what you want and it's not what you think you CAN have" i told you WHY you MUST get what you want. I think it's our birthright to be fulfilled, happy and in peace with ourselves. Your...

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Next Level Self Love Meditation

This meditation helps you to build up and nurture a loving connection with yourself. You will experience an instant shift into natural confidence and expansive self-love after listening.

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