Supporting empathic women finding and embodying their true self 

Hi, I’m Linda Martinez.

I’m an Intuitive Coach & AUNDA energy healer for empathic women.

I am also a mom who loves creating art and yoga, a writer and a recovering perfectionist with a soft spot for coffee and chocolate.

Here is a little bit of my story so you can get to know me.

Around 2012 I suddenly felt that my life had become too small for me. It felt tight. Narrow. Cramped. Somehow wrong, as if I was wearing another person’s shoes.

I felt the boundaries of my conditioning. Acting out patterns that didn’t even belong to me. Living a life of which I thought it was mine. Only, it wasn’t somehow. But I could sense that there was more. That I am more than what I had experienced so far. And so, I started to wonder. And to ask. I wanted to know who I AM and what I came here to BE.

I had a classic education, a good job as a dental hygienist and actually everything you should have to be happy. Only I wasn’t happy. I felt this deep hole in me. A hole that no amazing career, no money, no man, no vacation in the Caribbean or even leaving my country to settle somewhere else could fill.

After two burnouts, a failed relationship, ever-present stress and lying nights awake feeling like I was sitting on a high speed train going in the wrong direction, I made a decision. Something had to change.

It was a call from deep inside. When I was a child, I was deeply sensitive, empathic and intuitive. But the world that I grew up in, wasn’t necessarily one where this was considered a strength. So I’ve shut down and did what I thought was right for me. Until I couldn’t anymore.

Now I slowly recovered the pieces that I had lost on the way. I played in the personal development space. Wanted to find myself as an animal empath and acupuncturist, a blogger, ghost writer and web designer. All while in the background step by step awakening, deepening and expanding my understanding of energetics, mindset, spirituality and stepping back into my sensitive, empathic and intuitive nature. It was a wild ride.

But I haven’t looked back since the day that I decided not to stay trapped in my own mind any longer. Today I am happy. Happily married. I have a beautiful healthy son who I get to spend a lot of time with. Run a location-independent, international business that is aligned with my soul’s purpose and gives me the freedom to spend the winters traveling with my family.

My compass, greatest teacher and rock solid foundation on this path is my intuition. Through her I have recognized myself and regained control over my life.

It is my mission to help women like you to break through social conditioning, to find themselves and to express their talents freely. To get from hustling, grinding and always aiming for the next accomplishment into your natural abundant state to serve from overflow.

We are collectively experiencing a paradigm shift that can be felt everywhere. I believe that the world needs more awake, conscious women living out their souls’ purpose and full potential. That it is deeply serving humanity if we allow ourselves to live unconditioned and free.

And I know that this is a bold journey to take. That’s why I am here.

Let’s talk about how I can support you on your journey. For this, let me ask you a question first (it’s a good one):

If you look back on your life one day, how would you want to remember it?


Your answer probably doesn’t sound like this:


… achieved a lot but didn’t feel completely joyful, radiant, happy and fulfilled

… never truly knew who I AM and what I am capeable of

…  been looking for validation but didn’t feel like I was truly seen, heard and recognized

…  been strong and self-confident on the outside wishing I could be held and vulnerable sometimes

… ignored and didn’t express my true desires and feelings just to fit in, function and be accepted

… felt like there is more for me but never had the courage to break the mold and go for it


If you recognize yourself in these statements, then you are in good company.

Many empathetic women in responsible positions – be it in their own business, career or family – do not feel fully fulfilled, strive for recognition from outside and/or put their own desires and feelings aside.

Behind those patterns usually lives fear. 

Fear of losing something that you have worked hard for.

Fear of disappointing yourself and others. 

The fear of failing.

We all are fearful sometimes. We’re human.

But you don’t have to let fear rule the game for you. You’re so much more than that. You can thrive, make a real difference AND enjoy a stress-free, fulfilling life that serves your soul’s purpose.

You can be radiant, energetic, wild, deep, free, abundant AND a good mother, entrepreneur or whatever it is that you identify with.

It’s NOT either … or.

It’s both … and.



“Sounds amazing Linda! I really vibe with what you’re saying. So how’s this gonna work?” Glad, you asked.

The Flow Method.

Like I said, I believe in both … and. Coaching is powerful. Energy Work is powerful. So I’ve blended the two together. When I started out as a coach, I already knew that I was born for this (my Human Design – Projector – seems to confirm this 🙂 ) My clients felt held, seen, supported, nourished and in a safe space for their transformation. They all broke through what they thought would be possible for them. But still, I felt like something was missing. Until I allowed myself to step out of the spiritual closet and integrate energy work into my coaching. That’s when it started to get really, really juicy. My clients love it. And I do, too. 

Besides that, over the years that I’ve been playing in the personal development space I’ve developed a method that I not only use to guide my clients but also myself.

The Flow Method is based on the paradigm that everything in your experience is happening FOR you.

Everything that could be perceived as negative is alchemized into a constructive force that beautifully supports you, your unique vision and activates overflow and abundance for you.

It is the essence of my more than 10 years of experience in energetics and the personal development space and has already helped numerous empathic women to quit the hustle, find themselves and follow their unique soul’s purpose with ease while growing happier, more confident and more fulfilled every day.

Its cornerstones are mindful, accepting and deep transformative work (or rather: play)  on all 4 levels – energetically, emotionally, mentally & physically.

It consists of 4 dynamic steps:

Crack the mold of conditioning. Realize who you truly are; your unique power, potential and energetic blueprint. Reclaim your desires. Your wildness, softness and all in between. Develop and solidify your unique vision and connect deeply with your soul’s purpose. From here, your decisions and boundaries become crystal clear – no more doubts or self sabotage, no procrastination and no compromises.

Build a solid foundation of self-trust, self-acceptance and self-love. Learn to meet your own needs at any second without blinking an eye. Accept yourself with every fiber of your being. Become your own overflowing source from which you abundantly serve the people and projects that are near and dear to your heart – and those beyond. Swap exhaustion, overwhelm and burnout for infinite strength, energy, joy and productivity.

Alchemize every obstacle, pattern, blockage or limitation into a limitless opportunity and turn it into lush, premium fuel for your vision. Shape your reality with intent and integrity. Become self-sufficient by using every challenge as a chance for growth and expansion. Bye, bye bullsh*t!

75% energetics, 25% strategy: After you have laid a new energetic, emotional and mental foundation, integration is key. Embody your new way of being. Develop habits, structures and strategies that are unique and perfectly tailored to you. This groundwork is the basis which allows you to feel safe and stable even when your life has its ebbs and flows.

How would it feel if you allowed yourself to fully BE who you truly are?

When you wildly and boldly follow your soul’s call and live your unique, authentic self and purpose?

Working with me is a unique and deep experience. It’s not for everyone. It’s a decision, investment and commitment you make for yourself, those you love and care for  – and beyond. It’s for you if you are ready to dive deep and call forth what has been lying dormant maybe your whole life waiting for you to come back to who you truly are and embody who you’ve come here to be. 

It’s NOT for you if you are looking for a quick fix or a cookie cutter solution that you can copy and paste.

NO. We are doing soul work here. It’s wild. It’s messy. It’s hot. And it’s beautiful. It’s emotional. It’s deep and complex. Radiant. Energetic. Loud and silent. It’s who you are. Human. Alive. Divine.

I believe that we all have the opportunity to leave the world a little better than we found it. Leaving our footprints is inevitable. But what kind of footprints that are, what kind of earth we leave behind for our children and their children – that is our choice. 

I don’t know what you feel called to do. But I know that every person has the potential to enrich, support and nourish life with their individual talents, desires and personality. I believe that if you are reading these lines right now, you will feel this calling within you. And it is my calling to help you discover this potential, your soul’s purpose, and unfold it freely.

It’s for you if you want to:

 Deactivate overwhelm, exhaustion and stress at first sight with ease and grace

 Be incredibly productive, creative and show up like the empathic, intuitive leader you are 

Have a crystal clear vision and be deeply intimate with your purpose and intention 

 Know and execute your next steps at any time boldly – without doubt or compromise.

 Set new priorities, stand by your boundaries and experience yourself as the calm, powerful human being that you came here to be

 Activate resourcefulness, abundance, love, joy, compassion, grace, generosity and intention as the blueprint of your being and acting in the world

 Speak your voice, emotions and mind potent and compelling

 Open your heart for greater gifts and opportunities

 Make the difference for yourself and others you came here to make


Get in touch!

If this is touching your soul right now – explore how you can work with me


What's happening during the Connection Call?

The connection call is an opportunity for both of us to get to know each other and find out if we vibe. Then, if you wish, I will also let you know how you can work with me at the given moment.

What's the framework of your coaching programs?

I have different packages that usually include both coaching and energy work and are between 11 days and 9 months long. During this time we typically meet via Zoom once a week and stay in touch through voice messages and / or do remote healings. I will give you all details when you decide to sign up for a specific program.

Why don't you offer individual sessions?

The coaching packages serve as a framework to guide you from your starting point to your desired result in the best possible way. They give you orientation and a space in which your process can unfold at its own pace. Their content and duration are perfectly matched. Individual sessions do not live up to this claim (exeptions are energy healing sessions).

What's included in the coaching programs?

Usually included are:

– weekly coaching sessions (online)

– Energy work & healings (Activations / AUNDA) (online/remote)

– Messenger support 

You get all details when you decide to sign up for a specific program.

What happens if I can't finish my coaching program?

The coaching can only be stopped or interrupted in exceptional cases and only at the discretion of the coach. We have no refund policy. Before starting the coaching, please be aware of the commitment you are making to yourself. However, should something unforeseen happen or you are unhappy with your program, there is usually always a solution that suits both parties.

Further questions?

Book a connection call or send an email to

Unlock Your Full Potential_Header Graphic_LM Coaching

Living in alignment with the frequency of your unique, natural energetic blueprint is releasing yourself from the restrictions that come with human conditioning.

We’ve all been conditioned in form or another.

It’s part of being human. But it’s a choice to either break free from it and journey back to who you really are or stay within its boundaries.

I believe that it is the greatest gift that we can give ourselves and those around us to expand our consciousness and step into the power that comes with releasing conditioning.