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Hi! I’m Linda Martinez and I help high achieving women to create a fulfilling lifestyle without sacrificing their wellbeing.

Let’s be honest: Being ambitious fuels your soul. You don’t want to settle for less. But you’re beginning to realize there’s more to life and something is missing.

What is it? 

Well, if you are a bit like me (and I believe you are because that’s why you are here) then you live for your dream but tend to forget to live your life.

Stress and Burn-Out often come silently


I know that because I’ve been there. Twice. When I started my career 17 years ago, I graduated as a dental assistant. But I worked myself up to be a dental hygienist through the years. I achieved a high salary for my field together with high responsibility.

I thought that once I’ve achieved that, I would be happy. But that wasn’t the case. After my first Burn-Out, I cut back my working hours but still felt this longing for more. 

So I enrolled in a weekend school and became an animal acupuncturist. Again, I thought that would bring me fulfilment – but the void was still there.

I still felt unhappy – incomplete. So I started a blog.

Eventually, I was working, studying on the weekends and writing for my blog in my free time. Then one day, I found myself in the hospital, burnt-out – again. I had  a serious kidney infection that put me in bed for 4 weeks. Enough time to think everything through.

And that’s when everything changed.

It was my wake-up call. I finally learned to be mindful and take care of myself. And I figured out the number one thing that kept me from feeling content while being successful in my career.

It was my own mind.

I had focused so much on achieving my goals that I had forgotten about my emotional and physical well-being.

This was a turning point. I learned to balance this desire to achieve my goals with pleasure and self-care. I implemented healthy goal setting, morning routines, emotional balancing and much more into my life – and I realized: The better I feel, the more successful I am.

I changed. My life changed. And People started asking me how I did it.

And this is exactly why I help ambitious women like you create a lifestyle you are madly in love with.

Because I am living proof that you can have it all. 

You can have a thriving career or a successful business AND:

x Feel amazing in and with your body

x Have meaningful and fulfilling relationships

x Do more of the things you really love 

x Wake up in the morning feeling fresh, fabulous and excited for the day ahead

x Exude radiance every day

x Attract amazing opportunities with ease

x Enhance success in your business or career

x Be more productive while feeling relaxed like a buddha at sunset