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You hear the word. 

You desire the state. 

You long for the transformation. 

Change is what you need.

But you fear it too.

Where do you begin?

How do you begin?

Where do you go?

And what if the path you take isn’t the right one?

And because you don’t know – you feel like a leaf in the wind.

Life is pushing you around. 

You feel overpowered and overwhelmed.

It’s exhausting.

It’s stressful.

It burns you out.

You aren’t fulfilled and your inner-critic has taken over the show.

The good news is – this is when change happens.

When you’re tired of it.

So Let me help you figure out what you really want and how to get there.

Let me show you how to move through fear, anger, pain and peel off the layers of conformity.

Let me show you that there’s a way to take control of your life again.

Let me help you own your story. 

I have 15+ years of experience in healthcare, human psychology, alternative healing methods and energetic and spiritual principles.

Today, I’m an intuitive coach and I have helped countless women to regain their power and boldly walk their own path.

I can’t offer you a one-size-fits-all strategy to reach your goals.

But I will guide you through your own process from feeling overwhelmed and stuck to a fulfilling lifestyle you are madly in love with – with my proven 6 step framework. 

Are you ready to go beyond what you thought possible? Here’s how you can work with me:

Private Coaching

This is for you:

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and you crave a life that is full of ease, grace and flow.

If you feel like you have hit your limits but you know you have so much more potential.

You don’t have to sacrifice your wellbeing, family, friends or your passions in order to be successful: You. Can. Have. It. All.

Self-Care Strategy Session

Enhance your success by putting yourself first:

This 90-minute intensive strategy session is designed to help you break through negative patterns that keep you stuck and overwhelmed and create a rock-solid self-care strategy which you can implement right away.

Learn how to embrace and fulfill your desires and needs as a source of energy instead of suppressing them because you think they are holding you back.

Make feeling amazing your new standard!

Not sure if working with me is right for you? Here are some Love Notes from happy clients:


“I reached out to Linda because I was stuck. Somehow, I had allowed my mindbrake (you know, the negative self talk and fear of failure) to put my life on hold – like pushing a pause button, I had settled for something mediocre that I never wanted and I realized that I was waiting for something to magically change. Waiting for what? I didn’t know. What I knew was: I am done with mediocre, I am done waiting and I am going to take things into my own hand. But how? I always considered myself to be self-reliant and independent, capable. I knew Linda for a while and knew about what she does and how she works with other creative, kick-ass women, so who else would I call? We started working not only on my mindset, but also on small habits and strategies that I can implement into my everyday. Linda encourages and reminds me to love myself and to go big and she calls me out when I am trying to apply the mindbrake again, which is what I really need sometimes. The vision of who I’m becoming is so much more clearer now already, I am a huge step closer in becoming my own mentor!”


“Linda Martinez has magically sneaked into my life and became a constant since then. At the beginning of 2017, we both took a course on Soulful Business. There we got to know each other and became success partners. We still hear each other at regular intervals and there is rarely an appointment that we postpone. That has a special reason. Linda has the gift of being completely unbiased, without judgment, with a powerful honesty and consistency. She gives her honest advice and does not leave your side, even if it gets hard. She has the talent to go through the toughest emotions with you. She gives you support, encouragement and has your back. I am fortunate enough to be able to accompany her in an unbiased way in her development. I have seen what she is doing, how she is doing it and that she is doing everything that she can for you to have a wonderful experience. And all that with an attitude of self-awareness; she is just the madness. I am very grateful that I met her and that she became a very dear friend.

Linda, I wish you all the best! You change lives to the positive and give new perspectives.”


“I started to work with Linda because I was pretty upset with myself. I was living through old patterns over and over again and felt completely lost. I knew I need help. I wanted to be more open to people – not only to find a partner or boyfriend, but also to have a better relationship with friends and acquaintances. All these changes take a lot of work but I wanted to embrace the process and I was determined to take out the best version of myself and to live my best life. Today I’m more open to opportunities and I don’t take anything personal anymore. Thank you Linda for everything you’ve done for me! Linda is a great coach that guides you step by step to reach your goals. I would totally recommend her specially as a dating and life coach.”